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5 Weekend Thoughts: Euro Style

By Alex Salomon 1. "Duh" moment of the week: France's Francois Hollande insisting on Eurobonds is proof that he is not willing to implement the structural...
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Grexit: 5 Scenarios Facing Greece

By Alex Salomon So many articles are being written about the impending exit of Greece from the Euro and maybe parts of the European Union,...
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Keeping An Eye On Europe

By Joshua Schroeder Recent US economic data have been surprising to the upside.  The combination of better than expected home sales, regional manufacturing activity and jobless...
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China Biding its Time, Focusing on the Future

By Andrew Nyquist For much of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, China enjoyed the West’s addiction to low cost manufactured goods.  Western-driven demand spurred exports...
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Euro Bonds, Market Technicals, and Social Mood

By Andrew Nyquist A few high level thoughts for this week and the week ahead: 1)  Euro Bonds on the Horizon???:  Word out of Europe is Euro bonds may...
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Leadership in a Time of Crisis

With the threat of a dreaded double-dip recession looming on the horizon and unemployment promising to remain stubbornly high for the foreseeable future, the...

In the News: Holiday Weekend Wrap, Euro Style

From bailouts to protests to politics and prognostications, the holiday weekend was chock-full of news... and grilling... and brews; Here are 10 headlines from...

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