In the News: Holiday Weekend Wrap, Euro Style

From bailouts to protests to politics and prognostications, the holiday weekend was chock-full of news… and grilling… and brews; Here are 10 headlines from the weekend that was.


European Debt Crisis

#1  [Monday night] Futures surge on Greek Bailout Report?

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#2  Here’s What’s Going to Happen When Greece Defaults

#3  The Hidden Cost of Saving the Euro

#4  Protests in Europe

#5  More blame games: Europe at the abyss; US Housing in the Abyss; Who is to Blame?


Europe Misc.

#6  And an E.coli breakout in Germany?


Financial Prognostication

#7  SP to 400?



#8  The latest odds from intrade

#9  Palin still relevant? Sarah Palin Is On Tour, But to Where?


Honoring Our Vets

#10  From one of our own, Minyan Bill: Memorial Day Thoughts


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