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Currency Trading Price Targets For the US Dollar and Euro

Over the past several weeks, I have posted a few charts and analysis showing why the US Dollar Index (DXY) is headed...
central banks federal reserve monetary policy extraordinary global economy data chart year 2019

Central Banks Extraordinary Policies: What Could Go Wrong

Many financial assets, especially those that are the riskiest, are priced well above their respective fundamental values.  A thank...

World Equity Markets Update: The Bull Market Carries On

World Stock Market Indexes – Recap The U.S. stock market continues to look favorable versus the rest of the...
farmer during corn harvest

U.S. Corn Market Outlook: Are There Catalysts On the Horizon?

May corn futures closed down 1.5 cents per bushel week-on-week, finishing at $3.61 on Friday afternoon.  Corn prices remain...
global manufacturing pmi index chart history vs consumer spending economy news april 9

Is a Global Manufacturing PMI Rebound In the Cards?

Global PMI Rebound on the Cards? One key feature of the last 15 months has been the consistent declines...
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U.S. Equities Update: Is Positive US – China Trade News Priced In?

The S&P 500 Index climbed to a new recovery high last week. Support for the advance was provided by optimism regarding U.S./China...
cot report vix volatility index futures trading positions long short march 15 analysis

COT Report: VIX Volatility Index Sinks; Oversold Bounce Next?

The chart below looks at non-commercial futures trading positions for the VIX Volatility Index. For the week the cash VIX Index traded sharply lower, falling 19.8%.
us corn managed money may futures contracts chart news image march year 2019

U.S. Corn Weekly Outlook: Will Price Decline Continue?

Corn futures continued to leak lower this week, making a new contract low on Friday at $3.62 ¼. Before finishing at 3.64. 
us dollar index rising higher weekly trend analysis targets chart image

U.S. Dollar Index Looks Poised for more Upside

The US Dollar is firming up here and putting a damper on precious metals like gold. So what's next...

US Corn Futures Weekly Forecast: Buyers At Support?

March corn futures closed down 11 cents last week, finishing near $3.73. It was a rough week for the...

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