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mdy mid cap stocks etf trading important price support chart september 25

Mid Cap Stocks Teetering On Important Price Support!

There are several indicators that investors watch to gauge the health of the market. Some use market breadth indicators, some use relative strength, some...
iyt transportation sector etf trading decline breakdown bearish stock market economy chart image

What is the Impact of the Federal Reserve’s Rate Hike?

The FedEx news has caused many analysts to worry about the transportation sector and the potential ripple effects this could have on the rest...
stocks bonds ratio correlation and beta historical chart

The Stocks to Bonds Correlation: It’s Not Always Simple

The path to maximum wealth creation is to bet the farm on one security — you just have to pick the right one. Just...
2 year us treasury bond yields rising chart year 2022

High interest Rates, Your Portfolio and Next Steps

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve is anticipated to raise interest rates by 75 basis points. How will the rate increase affect your investing portfolio?  Depending...
china etf fxi selloff decline september chart

Is China ETF (FXI) Setting Up for Re-Test of 2009 Low?

The global equities market has been in a tailspin this year. But could it get worse yet? Today we look at a very important piece of...
nasdaq 100 price targets decline bear market image

US Stock Market Indices Heading Lower… Much Lower

Market volatility is picking up and we continue to see lower stock prices ahead. We are looking for downside momentum to expand across the major...
s&p 500 index elliott wave forecast low year 2023 bear market image

S&P 500 Outlook Turns Bearish (Elliott wave forecast & analysis)

We often write about markets in the context of monthly and weekly charts, but many traders prefer to work on a faster basis. It’s...
s&p 500 index trading weakness bear market chart september

The Stock Market Bounces Amidst Strong Headwinds

The S&P 500 was sharply oversold last week according to Our Big View weekly analysis. Hence the market bounced and cleared the 50-day moving...
global corporate stock buyback announcements by quarter investing chart year 2022

Stock Buybacks Under Attack: Tracking Share Repurchase Events Into Year-End

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. The Inflation Reduction Act includes a controversial 1% excise...
ford stock price buy signal bullish investment chart september

Why Ford is a Great Long-Term Investment

The Biden administration declared an intermediate target in August 2021 that 50% of all new automobiles would be electrified by 2030. This transition to lithium-ion...

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