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s&p 500 cap weight index versus equal weight index bearish divergence ominous concern stock market history chart

S&P 500 Sell Signal Warning? Cap Weight vs Equal Weight Divergence!

We often watch the performance of cap weighted indices versus the equal weight counterpart. Why? Because divergences in performance often signal market turns. Today is no...
chinese equities stock market down 15 percent over past 3 years - investing chart

Why Little Trouble In Big China Matters To The World

China’s equity market and economy have been under pressure of late. Should we be concerned for the broader global markets and economy? Let’s dive in,...
nasdaq stock market indices trend line support concerning investing chart image

Tech Stocks Near Major Decision Point: Something Has To Give Soon!

Without a doubt, technology stocks are the leader within global stock markets and the global economy. So when the technology sector nears a major...
total ipo initial public offerings by quarter - investing chart

Can Arm and Instacart Resuscitate The IPO Market?

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Q2 2023 marked the sixth consecutive quarter of lower...
spy s&p 500 index etf trading pullback price targets chart

S&P 500 ETF (SPY) Pullback Price Targets – Update

The stock market bounce is losing steam and appears to be rolling over. If this is the case, then active investors should be aware of...
s&p 500 index decline lower elliott wave price targets investing chart

Will S&P 500 Form Lower High? Elliott Wave Price Forecast

We believe the year-long rally in equities is nearing its end, and the declining phase of the pattern may already have begun. Here we...
dow jones utilities bearish sell signal below 40 month moving average chart

Are Utilities Sending Ominous Message To Broader Market?

It's been a rough go around for stocks and investors. But will it get worse before it gets better? Let's turn to Joe Friday for...
semiconductors sector etf double top trading price pattern chart september

Will Semiconductors (SMH) Double Top Take Stocks Down?

The stock market appears to be limping its way through the final stages of its rally. The major stock market indices have yet to make...
hiking cycles and recessions odds - investing chart

What Happens After Interest Rates Peak?

Each year since 1978, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has sponsored a symposium on an important economic issue facing the U.S. and...
bond yields comparison to inflation expectations chart united states

Inflation and Deficits and QT, Oh My (Part II)

Part one of this article discusses the potential ramifications related to policy actions that China and Japan might take. These large U.S. Treasury bondholders could...

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