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total mergers acquisitions by quarter last five years chart

Are More Mergers & Acquisitions Activity Coming In 2024?

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. After global M&A activity reached a decade low in...
russell 1000 growth versus value indexes performance bullish growth chart image june 13

Russell 1000 Growth Index Out-Performing Value; Bullish Trend for Stocks

The mid-to-large cap areas of the stock market continue to move higher in a bullish trend. But not all stocks are on equal footing. The...
correlation stocks bonds history chart image

Thoughts On Investment Portfolio Construction For 2024

If the wealth advice service was in the manufacturing industry, the portfolio would be akin to what we make. Sure, there are many value-added...
investor behavioral bias

Golf and Investing: Mastering Long and Short Games For Success

Let’s play a hole of golf to appreciate how two distinct aspects of golf provide valuable lessons for investors. You tee off with a driver...
3 signs of bear market

Bear Market Signals: Understanding Momentum, Breadth, and Breakdowns

Why do I come off as bearish even when the market is on an upswing? From a technical analyst’s viewpoint, it's crucial to recognize that...
russell 2000 stock market index lagging under performance chart june

What Unties the Stock Market’s Gordian Knot?

A Gordian Knot comes from Greece during Alexander the Great’s march. It has become a metaphor for a problem solvable only by bold action. Every investor...
gold futures price analysis bullish breakout june long term investing chart

Precious Metals: Did Gold, Silver Decline Change Bullish Trend?

While we never profess buying a falling knife, we do believe that the metals are probably setting up for a buyable dip this coming...
consumer etfs struggling poor performance year 2024 chart

Rising Retail Headwinds? Clues from Victoria’s Secret and GameStop Preliminary Earnings

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. April U.S. Retail Sales were below estimates, but other...
wall street corporate earnings image

4 Retailers Stocks With Outlier Earnings Dates Reporting This Week

The jury’s still out on the health of the US consumer as investors weigh winners and losers of retail earnings season Outlier earnings dates this...
hindenburg omen stock market indicator year 2024 bear image

Understanding the Hindenburg Omen and Its Significance in 2024

Why has the Hindenburg Omen flashed an initial sell signal, and what does it mean for the overall market? This widely followed macro technical indicator...

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