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s&p 500 index performance comparison nasdaq composite ratio important this month may year 2022

Is the Market “Feeding” the Bears Technology Stocks?

The stock market has seen some ugly action here in 2022. But one thing has become clear: growth stocks have been battered worse than...
qqq nasdaq 100 rally higher buying signal trading price chart may 4

Why the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) Is a Great Trade Example for Thursday

The rate increase came in as expected at half a percent, showing that the Federal Reserve (Fed) is going for the safest play instead...
s&p 500 index futures bear market price targets chart image month may

US Equities Update: Another Bear Market Rally

I have not changed my view that we are in an equity bear market decline. Within the context of a bear market, countertrend rallies across...
stock market crash april may months chart image

Will The Stock Market Bloodbath Continue?

Friday, the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) closed -4.4% on the day.  Not far behind came the S&P 500 (SPY) at -3.6% along with the Russell 2000...
nflx netflix stock price chart bear market decline analysis chart year 2022

Netflix Stock (NFLX) Cannonballs Into Long-Term Support!

The misery for Netflix's stock price began late last year... but wow, has 2022 (April!) been bad for the stock (NFLX). The stock price has...
stock market air pocket declines corrections chart

Stock Market Correction Goes Warp Speed

The financial markets have absorbed a lot of bad news in 2022. The Federal Reserve went from the market’s bestie to that ex- friend who...
s&p 500 index etf price reversal higher thursday april 28 trading chart

Why Traders Should Wait for Confirmation When Buying Dips

For the past 10 years, dip-buying weakness as the market has only been under pressure for short periods has worked out very well.  However, the...
eem emerging markets etf trading important price gap fill chart year 2022

Emerging Markets Trading At Important Inflection Point

It's been a rough year thus far for investors. And there really haven't been a lot of areas to hide. Equities and bonds have been...
stock market uncertainty corporate earning image april 27

Stock Market Hit By Uneven Earnings, Economic Uncertainty

The S&P 500 Index collapsed by 2.81% on Tuesday as there was almost nowhere to hide for investors. Nearly 95% of the index's components...
semiconductor stock index sox peak and reversal lower bearish sell analysis image

Are Semiconductors Breaking Down From Historic Momentum Peak?

As inflation burst onto investor's radars, so did rising interest rates. And this combination has hurt growth stocks. And in particular, it's hurt technology stocks...

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