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stld steel dynamics stock strength buy signal investing chart march 1

Buying Low and Selling High? Here’s Something Even Better

Were you ever told, "Buy Low, Sell High?" That was one of the first market maxims I learned early on in my career as the...
10 year us treasury bond yield long term investing analysis chart

Are Interest Rates Nearing Another Surge Higher?

Interest rates are rising. Yes they are in an up-trend. And the only thing that seems likely to stop them from rising is a recession. BUT...

Gold Investors Are Betting On The Federal Reserve

By owning gold, investors are not necessarily hedging against a government default but ironically betting the Fed will increasingly misuse monetary policy to help...
s&p 500 index investing performance comparison gold price chart february year 2023

Investing Performance: Comparing Gold vs S&P 500

This coming week is a big one. We have FOMC on tap with some Fed members calling for .50 bps rate hike on the heels...
jnk junk bonds etf long term bearish chart worrisome investing image

Do Stock Market Bulls Have Too Much Junk In The Trunk?

Investors are most comfortable being long and strong stocks when "risk on" indicators are flashing green. What that means in simple terms is that the...
dow jones utilities index bearish stock market signal chart image

Are Utilities Stocks Setting Up For A Big Decline?

Utilities stocks have been in a long-term uptrend over the last 20 years. This tremendous trend can be seen in the "monthly" chart of the...
junk bonds etf jnk bearish price reversal lower sell signal investing chart february 17

Are Junk Bonds Sending Worrisome Message To Investors?

You will often hear us talk about the market giving "risk on" or "risk off" signals. In general, investors want to see "risk on" assets...
smh semiconductors etf trading breakout price resistance important investing chart image

Semiconductors ETF (SMH) Trading At Key Fibonacci Pattern Level!

The semiconductors are a critical sector within the technology universe of the stock market. And as our economy becomes more technology focused, we need to...
nvda nvidia stock price bullish rally buy signal investing chart february

When is the Time to Buy Nvidia’s Stock $NVDA?

A successful technical analyst once said, "Charts are the report card for your portfolio."  Want to know how well you’re doing as an investor?  Simply review...
european equities stocks money flows increasing chart

2023 ETF Trends: What Investors Should Look Out For

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Declines across asset classes in 2022 may be a...

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