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stock market update research analysis indicators april 6 trading outlook

U.S. Stock Market Trends Remain Positive As Buying Continues

It was a mixed day for the major U.S. stock market indices. The S&P 500 Index traded in a tighter range, finishing...
stock market cycles indicators bullish bull market chart image april 6

Stock Market Cycles Update: Bullish Indicators Rising

Despite the rise of variants, higher yields and structural wobbles in pockets of the market (GameStop + possibly the largest margin call...
iyt transportation sector smh semiconductor etfs strength bullish buy signals trading chart april 6

Why the Transportation ETF (IYT) and Semiconductors ETF (SMH) Have Hidden Strength

The Semiconductor Sector ETF (SMH) and Transportation Sector ETF (IYT) are the strongest ETFs in our Economic...
us dollar index breakout higher resistance important analysis chart april 5

Commodities Bulls Hope US Dollar Peaks Here!

The US Dollar has received a fair amount of attention over the past year, as pandemic-spurred government stimulus and assistance programs and...
smh semiconductors etf price reversal rally buy signal chart april 5

Semiconductor Stocks: Turning Up The Heat Again?

Large cap tech has pushed higher and I continue to like the improvement seen in particular in Semiconductor stocks.
sector performance stock market analysis cyclical leadership chart april 5

Stock Market Risk Sectors Remain Bullish – Here’s What To Watch

The major stock market indices in the United States continued higher last week as risk on indicators...
baltic dry shipping price index important breakout analysis chart april 1

Baltic Dry Index Rally: Who Gives A Ship?

The health of the global economy relies on several key factors, but one of the more important ones is shipping.
us dollar currency strength concerning chart image april year 2021

The Implications Of A Stronger US Dollar

Much of 2020 saw the US Dollar weakening versus other currencies. So far in 2021, that trend...
10-year s&p 500 index earnings and dividend yields history chart

Why Today’s Investor Needs To Manage Risk With Zen

“Most investors are primarily oriented toward return, how much they can make and pay little attention to risk, how much they can...
russell 2000 index doji warning stock market top chart image april year 2021

Russell 2000 Creates Doji Pattern At Top Of 30-Year Channel

After months of strong bullish action for the small cap stock index, the Russell 2000, chart patterns have turned indecisive.

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