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gold futures trading price reversal higher targets 1992 chart january

Gold Futures Record Ellipse Buy Signal, $1860 Important

Recent selling in gold futures has been strong and swift. However, the price of gold is trying to reverse higher yet...
volatile percent swings by asset class year 2020 investment chart

Investment Lessons From 2020

It is difficult to characterize 2020 other than to say ‘unprecedented’. This year does not fit in any historical...
s&p 500 index weekly chart demark sell set up analysis january 11 2021

S&P 500 Index Enters Pullback Window

The latest leg higher in the stock market is nothing more than a continuation of an up-trend (and broader rally).
fedex stock decline lower price target support fdx chart january

FedEx Stock (FDX) Decline Targeting $215 Price Support

It's been a rough month of trading for FedEx stock (FDX), seeing the stock price fall from...
s&p 500 index etf trading chart bullish up trend higher buy signal year 2021 analysis

Best Momentum Stocks List For 2021 – Picks & Analysis

It is only the end of the first week of January and already many of our picks...
general electric stock price breakout higher ge price targets year 2021 image

General Electric Stock (GE) Poised For Move Up To $14.50

After a 3-week consolidation, General Electric's stock (GE) looks ready for a strong move higher.
euro currency breakout higher important commodities prices rising chart year 2021

The Commodities Rally Hinges on a Euro Breakout!

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about rising equities, the surge in Bitcoin, the strength of gold,...
3d systems stock ddd doubles on buying surge investing chart january 7

3-D Printing Stocks Ring In The New Year!

Mish’s Market Minute Advantage members bought shares of 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) on November 9th.
treasury bond market top peak chart year 2021 warning signal

Is the 30 Year Bond Bull Market Over?

For the past three decades, one thing investors could count on was lower yields and rising bond prices (due to inverse relationship).
xop oil gas exploration etf breakout buy signal bullish chart forecast january

Oil and Gas Sector (XOP) Flashes Bullish Signal On Breakout

In early December, we noted that we were intermediate term bullish on the Energy Sector and, more...

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