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tlt treasury bonds secular bear market investing chart

How Bonds Secular Bear Market Is Impacting Small Cap Stocks

Bonds have had one of the worst years in modern times and one of the fastest rates of interest rate rises. The good news is the...
tlt treasury bonds etf elliott wave analysis wave 5 low - investing chart

Treasury Bonds ETF $TLT Nears Buying Opportunity (Elliott wave analysis)

Treasury bonds appear ready to break beneath their previous low, but the larger pattern suggests price is seeking a platform to support a bounce....
tlt treasury bonds etf trading price support important long term investing chart

Treasury Bonds Wobble… Can $TLT Hold Support?

As bond yields and interest rates rise, bond prices fall. Pretty simple. And this has been happening for a while now, forcing one of the...
nvda nvidia stock price resistance 161 fibonacci extension investing chart image

Nvidia’s Stock (NVDA) Reaches Fibonacci Price Target. Breakout or Stall Out?

Today we discuss one of the technology sector's darlings. It's a market leader and a high-flier... it's Nvidia (NVDA). The stock price recently surged after...
top foreign holders of us treasury bond securities in billions chart image

Bond Traders and Their Bearish Stories (Part I)

“China, Japan, inflation, deficits, and QT, oh my!” – The chant of bond traders watching yields creep higher. Despite the highest yields in 15 years, some...
semiconductors sector etf smh trading head and shoulders pattern double top sell signal bearish investing chart

Semiconductors ETF (SMH) Nearing Critical Inflection Point!

As readers know, we watch leadership sectors daily. And today is no different as we take yet another look at the Semiconductors (SMH). Below is a...
bib biotechnology etf trading buy signal reversal chart investing

Sector ETF Spotlight: $IBB Biotechnology on Drugs

Biotechnology has traded basically sideways since the start of 2023. In the face of higher rates, stronger dollar, inflation, FDA approvals and busts, and an...
us treasury bond yields interest rates long term trend change breakout higher chart image

Have U.S. Bond Yields Began A New Long-Term Trend Higher?

Rising interest rates are beginning to spook investors. And rightfully so. It's been the fastest rise in rates in decades. And just when we thought...
s&p 500 etf spy fibonacci retracement trading price targets chart

S&P 500 ETF (SPY) Fibonacci Retracement Targets

Is the broader stock market pullback over? Or is this the start of a deeper pullback / correction? Although I believe the index was...
q2 2023 corporate earnings announcements timing and day of week chart

Why Is Palo Alto Networks Reporting After The Bell On A Summer Friday?

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon and published on their website. When a company the...

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