gold super cycle price target breakout chart year 2023

Gold Bulls Eyeing Historic Super-Cycle Breakout Level!

Nearly 12 years ago on 9/1/2011, I pointed to "the power of the pattern" and suggested that Gold should be flat to down for years...
tlt treasury bond etf rally higher this week price chart

Treasury Bonds Island Bottom and a Signal of Market Chaos

On March 7, we asked Will the Market Internals Turn More Bearish?  While we focused mainly on Jerome Powell’s testimony, "If the totality of the data were...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading price support chart march 10 2023

Will Regional Bank Stocks Take Down Russell 2000?

The news about the Silicon Valley Bank failure has rocked the financial markets and sent significant worries through system. Is this it? How many more...
banking index sharp decline crash lower march 10 investing chart image

Banking Index Is Telling Investors To Buckle Up!

I last posted on the Banking Index and the potential for a peak at the end of January. You can view that post...
2 year treasury bond yield financial crisis interest rates investing concerns chart image

Are 2-Year Treasury Bond Yields Hinting At Another Crisis?

With bond yields (and interest rates) rising sharply, it's understandable that most of the world is hoping for lower rates. Lower interest rates allow for...
kre regional banking ett trading big decline this week investing image

A Look at the Regional Banking ETF from March 6 to March 9

We could call this “3 Days to All Hell broke loose.” We could call this “We told you so.” We could call this, “Welcome to the...
commodities index important price fibonacci resistance level chart march year 2023

Will Commodities Bearish Pattern Slow Inflation?

While inflation continues to dominate the news headlines (and consumer concerns), I think its important to highlight an interesting development in the commodities complex. And...
smh semiconductors etf trading at important resistance moving average chart month march

How Long Can Semiconductors Lead the Stock Market?

With Jerome Powell so data dependent as he stated on his second and last day of testimony, it seems pretty obvious where most of...
dow jones transportation average largest bearish reversal stock market crash chart march year 2023

Will Historic Bearish Reversals Spell Doom For Dow Transportation Average?

I think everyone will agree that the transportation sector is an integral part of the U.S. economy. When they are trending higher, the economy is...
tlt treasury bond etf bearish price indicator chart

Will Stock Market Internals Turn More Bearish?

Jerome Powell brought reality to the market. "The latest economic data have come in stronger than expected, which suggests that the ultimate level of interest...

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