dow jones industrial average etf dia trading indicator analysis chart march 2

How to Stay on the Right Side of the Market With This Special Tool

Tuesday was a choppy day for the market, which had sporadic price swings plus a large amount of volatility. 
thomson reuters commodities index crb breakout price resistance test chart image march 2

CRB Commodities Index Testing Important Trend Line Resistance

The broad rally in commodities prices has been very strong, taking turns heating up various commodities along the way.
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Reversal Higher Comes From Oversold Readings

The U.S. equity markets kicked off the week with a broad rally, posting big gains in technology and small cap stocks. Bullish...
semiconductors sector nasdaq leadership performance ratio chart breakout signal _ march year 2021

Semiconductor Stocks Looking To Trigger Bullish Breakout Signal

After years of underperformance, the Semiconductors Sector (SMH) turned the tables in 2016, becoming a market leader. And today,...
Nasdaq oversold chart march 1

NASDAQ 50-Day Moving Average Is Providing Price Guidance

Last Friday the stock market ended on a cliffhanger.   The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) closed under its 50-day moving average...
stock market today analysis image

U.S. Equities Oversold… But So Are Treasury Bonds

The major stock market indices in the United States are trading at oversold levels. The decline looks poised for a bounce, even...
dow jones transportation average price resistance chart analysis

Dow Transports: Fall Repeat… or Immediate Breakout?

In general, the broad stock market has held up much better than one would think, all things pandemic considered.
stock market etfs decline bearish forecast march correction chart image

March Stock Market Correction? Watch These 6 ETFs

With all but one member of the Economic Modern Family of stock market ETFs in a bullish phase should we be worried,...
tlt treasury bond etf short term reversal chart february 26

Did Treasury Bonds Record Momentum Trading Low?

Much has been written about rising interests and the effect on the economy and financial markets. Is inflation coming?...
december corn futures closing prices last 10 years trends chart

Corn Futures Up-Trend Is Your Friend Until…?

New-crop December Corn futures (CZ21) have been on a historic run early in the 2021 calendar year. CZ21 traded...

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