auto industry market capitalization and car sales by company chart

Tesla’s Stock Price Rockets Higher – How High Can It Go?

Since the beginning of 2020, the aggregate market cap of the twelve largest automakers is up 9.30% to $803 billion. Quite an...
twitter stock analysis bullish forecast price target image july 9

Twitter Rallies on Rumors of a New Subscription Service – Cycles Bullish

On Wednesday morning Twitter released a new job posting for an internal team codenamed “Gryphon.” In the job listing,...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today (July 9): Commodities Remain Strong

The broader market remains strong (bullish), with commodities joining the party. Precious metals (gold / silver) are leading commodities...
xrt retail sector etf rally higher price analysis chart investing image july 9

Market Update: Retail Stocks Are Hanging Tough

The malls were high risk before COVID-19, given the number of bankruptcies of chain stores such as Pier One and Toy R...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today (July 8): Overbought But Resilient

Stocks sold off throughout the day Tuesday after opening higher. But that doesn't seem to be carrying over to Wednesday morning as...
stock market outlook july 8 investing image

Stock Market Outlook: Equity Bulls Ride Leaders Higher

After a 5-day win streak, the S&P 500 Index fell by 1.08% Tuesday, but it maintains its strongly bullish intermediate posture according...
natural gas etf price bottom rally ahead forecast chart image july 8

Natural Gas “Island” Bottom, Momentum and Buffett’s Buy

It's rare to see an island bottom. However, the one in UNG or the ETF for natural gas had...
nasdaq composite higher price targets image investing analysis month july

US Equity Markets Outlook: Bulls Remain In Charge

Last week, both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite had a strong rally off support. This week, the Nasdaq...
us dollar index etf elliott wave forecast higher long term outlook analysis chart through year 2023

US Dollar Elliott Wave Forecast: Important Crossroads Ahead

Our overall bullish analysis of the U.S. Dollar Index has met with success for several years running. Now,...
nasdaq 100 etf qqq buy price target forecast chart image july 7

Here’s Why $QQQ and Large Cap Tech Stocks May Party to $290

Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) "monthly" Chart The long-term trend for large cap tech stocks...

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