dow jones industrial average large bullish base cup pattern forming investing chart

Dow Jones Industrial Average Building Bullish Base

One investing indicator/tool that gets overlooked is the bullish base. And as the old say goes, "the bigger the base, the higher in space." ...
crude oil futures price chart decline lower analysis spring year 2023

Is Crude Oil About To Send An Important Global Message?

The past 12 years have seen some really big swings in the price of crude oil. And the latest swing higher into 2022 played...
xrt retail stocks etf trading decline lower consumer spending chart may 5

Stock Market Update: The Next Leading Indicator

Today’s daily stock market update contains two videos by Mish from the studios of  The first video is Mish’s Daily Five.  In this video Mish explains...
crude oil price decline lower sharply crash chart may 4

Another Market Collapsing

The real reaction to Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting is likely to happen Thursday. All eyes and ears were on Chairman Jerome Powell today. Most notable...
treasury bond yields trading support sell signal breakdown chart may 3

Treasury Bonds Are Setting Up For A BIG Move!

As the Federal Reserve continues to fight inflation by raising interest rates, the market is growing uncertain about futures rate hikes. Today, we share a...
spy s&p 500 index etf trading bearish sell signal pattern chart may 3

Will The Federal Reserve Make Gold Shine?

Stocks began the day weak, and weaker than most traders probably realized. As you can see in the intra-day chart below, short-term momentum, as...
s&p 500 index month of may historical price trends by day chart image

When Investors Should Buy In May

The common refrain, “Sell in May…” gives this month a bad rap, but it doesn’t deserve it. May is historically one of the least volatile...
us dollar index important long term price support year 2023 investors chart image

Precious Metals Next Big Move Hinges On U.S. Dollar!

When the US Dollar broke out to new highs last year, it looked like nothing could stop the greenback. And the headwind of a...
russell 2000 index underperformance investing chart year 2023

Small Cap Stocks Continue To Be Thorn In Bulls Side

While the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Indices have currently recovered nearly 50 percent of losses, the Russell 2000 Index has recovered just 15%...
rising gold prices stagflation inflation investing analysis chart year 2023

Now That “Stagflation” Has Gone Mainstream

This is just one of several headlines about stagflation we have seen this week: April 27, 2023 Stagflation Risks In Focus As U.S. Economy Slows,...

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