apo apollo global management stock price trading chart analysis

Why We are Focusing on Alternative Energy Stocks

It has been a tough year to pick winning stocks, and with more uncertainty ahead, now is not the time to be heavily invested...
gold prices trading cup with handle bullish pattern year 2022 chart image

Bullish Pattern Could Send Gold Prices Much Higher!

Gold prices and precious metals bulls have been biding their time. While gold has traded sideways-to-lower, bullish investors have simple sat tight, waiting for a...
stock market etfs important trading price ranges chart image

What Does a Trading Range Look Like? 

Buying ahead of taking out last week's high was premature. Getting overly negative unless we fail last week’s low is equally premature.  I realize how sexy...
xlf financial sector etf trading at 50 day moving average chart

Financial Stocks May Point To Market’s Next Move

Every day, we hear about inflation and the potential for a recession. Don't get me wrong, they are both either here (inflation) or very...
s&p 500 index trading fibonacci retracement price levels chart

S&P 500 Rally: Fibonacci Retracement Levels To Watch

When we were in the throws of the last whoosh lower for the stock market, I wrote an article sharing important Fibonacci levels to...
united states crude oil trading etf price resistance chart

Why Oil and Energy Stocks Should Remain On Your Watchlist 

Energy plays have some of the best chart setups right now from a momentum breakout standpoint. A perfect example of this can be seen in...
snap stock price decline eiffel tower pattern chart month may year 2022

Is $SNAP Stock Collapse Nearing “Eiffel Tower” Completion?

The 2022 bear market has seen several stocks fall sharply, especially tech stocks. And this has made it easy to find "eiffel tower" patterns of...
junk bonds etf trading rally bounce higher bullish stock market chart image

Has Stock Market Selling Become Exhausted?

For the moment the downward trend stays intact as the market and media embrace more negative news. News of a housing market top, increasing inflation,...
semiconductor stocks sector etf trading important trend price support investing research chart image

Stock Market Bulls Hope Semiconductors Can Hold Support!

For much of the decade plus bull market, tech stocks lead the way. And within that arena, the semiconductors were leaders. And within any market trend...
uso crude oil united states etf trading price bullish triangle pattern chart image

Is Crude Oil Gearing Up for a Big Move?

The country has been under pressure from rising gas prices for months.  Even before the Ukraine war, gas was steadily increasing. While the U.S continues to...

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