nvidia stock nvda price trend analysis important sell signal chart

Nvidia Stock On The Ropes As Semiconductors Leadership Tested!

It is imperative for active investors to understand the importance of market leadership, both on the way up and down. And this is proving to...
united states oil uso etf price trend analysis year 2022 sell signal chart image

What Can Investors Expect From Oil Price Market?

U.S. crude oil continues to rise after a pullback late last week to around the mid-$90s per barrel. However, the price is hitting short-term resistance...
copper futures price peaks double top patterns historical chart image

Copper Futures Price Peak: Oops I Did It Again?

Looks like the historic run higher in copper prices may be taking a breather. While we cannot say that the LONG-term rally is over. It...
s&p 500 index trend line indicators price chart june

S&P 500 Index Bounces… Into Important Resistance

Stocks are starting to perk up a bit, but still have work to do. Since stumbling down to 3636, the S&P 500 Index has bounced...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading price chart stock market rally analysis month june

Stock Market Bounce or New Bullish Breakout? 

I woke up to headlines on my Twitter feed Friday morning: "POWELL: US HAS A VERY STRONG, WELL RECOVERED ECONOMY." Jerome Powell said a soft landing...
oih oil services etf trading at important price support investing chart image

Oil Stocks Counter-Trend Rally Over If Price Reversal Sticks!

For over 2 years, all crude oil prices did was go higher... and higher. And consumers have been feeling this pain as the gas...
commodities price top pattern double top warning chart

Are Commodities Reversing Lower After Historic Run?

We have covered the commodities rally and highlighted the everyday concerns with rising inflation and rising interest rates. Today, we'll revisit some long-term charts of...
dow theory sell signal june 2022 investing chart analysis warning

Dow Theory Indices All Declining From Trend Resistance!

For the past century, investors have use the tried and true Dow Theory sell signal as a bear market warning. Though the transportation sector...
transportation sector decline sharp bear market selling chart month june

Demand Destruction Showing Up In Transportation Stocks and Sector 

Over the weekend I wrote that “Looking at the SPY chart, we could be setting up for a mean reversion trade (bear market bounce...
s&p 500 etf spy nearing important support chart month june

Market Update: When the Investing Trend Is Not Your Friend

Currently, if we look at the S&P 500 and the Retail Sector through XRT, our foregone conclusion is that for the most part, equities...

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