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russell 2000 failure break down 50 day moving average analysis investing news image may 19

U.S. Stock Market Update: Watch The 50-Day Moving Averages!

The Russell 2000 (IWM) and Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) have yet to clear over their 50-Day moving average which has created a pivotal and psychological...
tlt treasury bonds etf forecast lower bottom price target chart investing image

Are Treasury Bonds (TLT) Reversing Lower Again?

After a period of consolidation, treasury bonds may be set to move lower once more. As you can see in today's chart of the long-dated...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf buying signal indicator chart may 17

Why Tuesday is Pivotal for the Stock Market

Last Friday the market closed on a high note with a rally off the lows of 05/12.  This was a bullish sign, yet the rally...
bitcoin decline lower forecast bearish downgrade chart image investing

Did Bitcoin Put In An Important Trading Top?

Bitcoin continues to not act all that well, at a time when it's become a non-stop topic of discussion in the media these days. Prices...
federal reserve forecasting models chart

Investors Need To Soar Above Overconfidence To Fortify Wealth

"Neither Bull Nor Bear" A growing deflationary hurricane is churning off the coast. At the same time, a massive inflationary warm front is surging toward...
corporate earnings revisions positive negative years 2020 and 2021

Investors Look Beyond A High Tide

A rising tide lifts all boats. We’ve all heard the saying before—and it’s hard to argue against, especially when applied to a dramatic shift...
s&p 500 earnings new record q1 year 2021

When The U.S. Dollar Is Not Just A Dollar

With the Xth wave of the pandemic ongoing and a good portion of the world’s population still stuck at home, you would not be alone...
microsoft stock msft technical price support bullish investing chart image may 7

Microsoft Stock Price Reversal Triggers Buy Signal – May Target

Several buy signals have generated for stocks in the Technology Sector. This comes as the recent market pullback ends. One stock that we like here for...
gold long term price pattern bullish flag huge buy signal chart year 2021

Gold Price Pattern Cup & Handle… To The Moon?

Okay, so we are having a little bit of fun here... but this really is a massively bullish pattern for Gold. And we have been...
xle energy sector etf breakout higher rally buy signal chart news may 6

Which Commodities Are the Safest Way to Combat Inflation?

Recently there has been a surge of articles pertaining to rising inflation as the Federal Government plans to add more debt with upcoming spending...

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