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Stock Market Today: Russell 2000 Continues to Lag S&P 500

Investors continue to push the gas pedal as stocks continue to move higher. The move has been relentless and, considering the price...
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US Corn Market Analysis: January WASDE and Crop Production Reports Ho-Hum

JANUARY 2020 WASDE, CROP PRODUCTION, and GRAIN STOCKS REPORT SUMMARIES: The much-anticipated January WASDE and Crop Production reports were...
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S&P 500 Index Reversal Warning As Market Momentum Lags

S&P 500 Index Trading Outlook (3-5 Days):  Limited upside to 3283, possibly 3293 Expecting a reversal...
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Stock Market Today: When Will Bulls Run Out of Breath?

The start of the year has been a continuation of bullish price action, as the major stock market indices push further into...
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Is Gold Spike and Reversal Lower Creating Bearish Pattern?

Gold bulls are feeling pretty good right now. Precious metals have been rising, the Dollar has been soft of...
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Stock Market ETFs: Price Levels To Watch For Friday January 10

Tonight, we look at the levels across the major stock market indices and economically sensitive ETFs (the economic modern family).
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Stock Market Rally Continues as US / Iran Tensions Ease

A major concern gave way to a broad stock market reversal and rally higher. That concern being geopolitical tensions between the US...
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The Muscle Behind the Stock Market

Before I get into commentary on the market's swings and how I was right when I said that President Trump skirts every...
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Stock Market Today: Are Investors Getting Greedy?

The futures market is giving investors a nice ride. Overnight S&P 500 Index futures fell nearly -1.5% before recovering back to positive...
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Will US Dollar Reverse Higher Off Important Support Level?

US Dollar Currency "weekly" Chart As many investors know, King Dollar has a lot...

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