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personal savings decline year 2022 united states households chart

The State Of The Consumer Market: Staples versus Discretionary

Earnings for consumer staples and discretionary companies rely heavily on individual consumers’ financial health and sentiment. The recent bout of high inflation and negative...
smh semiconductors etf trading decline bearish indicator chart september

Key Economic ETFs Reveals All for Investors

Semiconductors have been a significant drag on Wall Street. Sister Semiconductors (SMH) needs to regain her -50week moving average to really see a major...
virtual reality consumer buying trends image

How Consumers Are Using Virtual and Augmented Reality

"PwC Says one of the most surprising results in their survey is that nearly a fifth of VR users reported buying luxury goods..." There are...
retail sector etf xrt trading price reversal lower bearish september chart

Stock Market Trading Outlook For Week Ahead (with Economic Modern Family)

Labor Day is approaching, so it's time for some fantastic fun, entertainment for everyone, and relaxation. Monday the market is closed in observation of...
10 year us treasury bond yield elliott wave chart september

Hawkish Federal Reserve Keeps US Dollar In Up-Trend

Unfortunately, markets are where they are, and we cannot force them to move in a particular direction. We see a neutral status at the...
xrt retail sector etf selling decline chart

The Russell 2000, Retail and Transportation Stocks Tell a Story

Granny Retail breaks down the health of consumption I'm going to introduce you to my favorite way to explain markets, price action, where the market...
s&p 500 index bearish price reversal bear market sell signal chart august year 2022

S&P 500 Posting Big Bearish Reversal In August

The stock market is falling once again, with the S&P 500 Index trading nearly 10 percent lower than its high just weeks ago. In fact,...
dba agriculture etf trading relative strength chart image september

Smart Investors Know the Importance of Inflation Protection

One of the most significant economic sectors on the planet is agriculture, which has been greatly affected by climate change and recent geopolitical events. When...
jnk junk bonds etf trading sell signal bear market trend indicator chart image september

Junk Bonds Selloff Keeps Bears In Charge

Stocks have been tumbling lately and several indexes are trading in oversold territory on a short-term basis. BUT, the bigger picture continues to be...
global debt highest percent increase in year 2020 chart image

Deglobalization and Central Banking

There are primarily two opinions on the future path for inflation. The widely held view thinks inflation will resort back to pre-pandemic levels as...

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