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gld gold price etf chart bearish sell signal moving averages august

How High Will U.S. Bond Yields Fly?

I sat down with Maggie Lake and the team at Real Vision on Thursday August 17 to discuss my latest thoughts on the market. During...
streaming content services prices at launch compared to current prices - chart image

Streaming Economic Model: Land Customers and Raise Prices

Over the past decade or so we have witnessed a significant transformation in the methods of content delivery. We have shifted from traditional linear broadcasting to...
5 year inflation expectations chart

Is Inflation Already At The Federal Reserve’s Target?

The Federal Reserve’s next rate move and its “higher for longer” policy mantra are predicated on high and sticky inflation. Inflation has fallen nicely...
copper price decline sell signal pennant pattern chart august

Is the Copper Price Decline About to Turn Ugly Again?

Although copper isn't the economic bellwether that it was 50 years ago, it is still an important barometer of economic activity. As you can see...
fxi china etf trading price resistance investing analysis chart image

Can Alibaba Stock (BABA) and China ETF (FXI) Push Through Resistance?

August 10, I appeared on CNBC Asia to discuss Alibaba’s surprise beat on earnings and China’s weak economic data. I began the segment reminding investors...
us dollar index long term trading support level investing chart image

U.S. Dollar Testing Important Support; Gold Bulls Watching!

The U.S. Dollar has been in a choppy rising trend higher since bottoming in 2007/2008. You can see that rising channel in today's long-term chart...
xop oil and gas exploration etf trading buy price targets chart

Oil and Gas Sector ETF (XOP) and Stocks Continue Bullish Trading

After pausing at the initial MOB target band, the XOP had an impulsive bullish move above that zone. This, to me, signals a strong lack...
personal consumption and gross domestic product gdp by year history united states

Stimulus and Consumption Are Fueling Economic Resilience

The economy has marched forward, ignoring higher interest rates and consistent calls for a recession. Credit goes to “We The People,” the citizens of...
ai chatbots user experience feedback image chatgpt

Improving Earnings, a Strong Amazon consumer, ChatGPT, and Credit Spreads

We are now past the halfway point of the earnings season, and the outcomes have been robust. Companies have been outperforming expectations by an...
gold gold etf trading price pullback bullish buy analysis chart image

A Fresh Look at Precious Metals

We finished a very heavy week filled with all kinds of economic data: Fitch Downgrade Earnings-Amazon up Apple down Jobs Report-Wages rising Treasury Yields higher-at October 2022 highs Record...

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