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s&p 500 index trading price target hit sell signal investing chart analysis

U.S. Equities Market Update: A Pause To Refresh?

This week's update is going to be a short one. Quite frankly, not a lot has changed technically for the major stock market indices. That...
gld gold etf price parabolic move chart

Parabolic Market Moves and When To Walk Away

Since December 2022, we have been bullish gold in anticipation of its most recent run. From the start of 2023, I went on the media...
stock market selloff correction decline lower important etfs trading image

Massive Weekly Price Consolidation Will Show Investors the Way

I will keep showing these weekly charts up until and after these massive trading ranges reconcile up or down. Will they all reconcile at one...
stock market etfs trading sell signal investors image

Stock Market Warning Signs Flash In Early April

Last week, we covered the weekly charts on the "Economic Modern Family" (our favorite stock market ETFs) and why watching the one index and...
united states economic data total debt versus personal income versus corporate profits chart

Japans Lost Decades: Is U.S. On The Same Path?

Back in 1989, Japan was taking over the world. The country’s economy had grown 6.7% in 1988. Sony had just bought Columbia Pictures, one...
silver price pattern cup handle bullish buy signal long term history chart

Silver Breakout Adds To Massively Bullish Price Pattern!

I like what I am seeing of late in the precious metals space. Gold has broken out to new highs... and now silver is beginning...
slv silver etf trading breakout buy signal investing chart april 3

Silver Looks Ready For a Major Breakout!

Silver has been quietly building a bullish case for a trading breakout. The Silver ETF (SLV) has been coiling just beneath major breakout resistance. And...
hyg high yield bond etf decline sharply lower monday april 1 price chart image

Bond Yields and US Dollar Head Higher, Junk Bonds Tumble

As we start a new month, quarter, and week, I want to remind you how I concluded the weekend Daily: “Narratives are not very meaningful...
artificial intelligence technology image

AI Survey Says Investors Can Think Contrarian

Before we dive into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world, let's look at what happened in the markets this week. Unsurprisingly, this was a slower week...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading long term buy signal chart march 31

Key Stock Market ETFs Finish Q1 With Strength

The last time the Russell 2000 IWM closed out a month above the Bollinger Band we like to use, was in March 2021. So, there...

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