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cocoa futures price prediction higher investing chart analysis

Cocoa Prices Surge Higher Into Important Resistance!

Cocoa futures prices have rallied sharply over the past year. And the rally has really heated up over the past 3 months. Today we look at...
magnificent 7 stocks performance versus rest of stock market chart

NFL Draft Over-Confidence: A Lesson For Investors

Most NFL general managers (GMs) are optimistic and displaying overconfidence today as they prepare for tomorrow’s NFL draft. The draft is a once-a-year opportunity...
agriculture etf price performance versus treasury bonds etf chart history

Is Agriculture ETF (DBA) Ready To Break Out?

To be successful, active investors have to watch (and create) indicators that the main stream media do not follow. Trading is hard and it...
stock market etfs rally price trading analysis april 24

Stock Market ETFs Trading Update: Rally On?

While the stock market has enjoyed a nice bounce, my viewpoint for most equities remains cautious to neutral. This has my focus on commodities. That...
natural gas price forecast bottom april year 2024 investing image

New Opportunities Emerging in Commodities: Natural Gas, Wheat, Sugar

In our research as we start a new week, there is a good chance that:  Wheat futures have bottomed. Natural gas futures bottomed. Sugar futures bottomed. And while...
silver etf slv trading price resistance top peak chart april 18

Silver Rally Nears Important Breakout Price Resistance!

The precious metals space continues to show impressive strength in 2024. Gold is at new all time highs and Silver has picked up the...
swiss franc currency etf trading decline bottom pattern chart april

Why the Swiss Franc Currency Worth Watching Here

On March 26, I wrote a daily market update called: Swiss Franc Currency Decline Nears Pivot Support. When I awoke and looked at the charts, I noticed in...
federal reserve hawkish image

Fed Chairman Powell and the Great Inflation Indecision

In Tuesday’s presser with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, he basically said what he typically says. And it sounds like he expects ‘higher for longer’...
retail sector etf xrt trading price decline warning about consumers economy chart image

Are Consumers Overwhelmed by Inflation, High Interest Rates, and Geopolitics?

I’ll start today with my thoughts on the Retail Sector ETF (XRT) as we ended last week: “For Granny Retail XRT we first want to...
gold price cycle 12 year pattern chart history

Will Gold’s 12-Year Cycle Send It Much Higher?

Gold spent the better part of the past 12 years trading in a wide sideways pattern. This type of price action tends to drive away...

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