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iyt transportation sector etf trading breakout higher buy signal chart

The Transportation Sector ETF (IYT) Continues to Flash Caution

Yesterday we covered the Retail Sector XRT and how important the consumer is to the health of the US Economy. Furthermore, we have been commenting...
silver futures rally higher price targets forecast investing image year 2024

Silver Rally Testing Major Breakout Resistance!

Precious metals have enjoyed a huge rally that has seen gold reach new all-time highs and silver reach new multi-year highs. There are a lot...
stock market etfs trading reversal higher bullish investing chart may

U.S. Stock Market ETFs Are Telling Investors A Story!

This is the 5th weekend in a row I have covered the Economic Modern Family of important stock market ETFs as my weekend update. From 5 weeks ago when...
natural gas futures trading price low bottom important chart may 3

Natural Gas Bottom: What’s Taking So Long?

A big story last week was that AI is fueled by natural gas, which should increase demand. That story did little for the futures price. Then...
us dollar peak top momentum indicator may 2024 investing chart

U.S. Dollar Peaking… As Momentum Indicator Reaches Historic High!

The U.S. Dollar is a key variable in all aspects of the marketplace. The strength of the dollar factors into the price we pay...
hyg high yield bonds etf trading decline lower stock market sell signal image

Stock Market Update: Risk On, Risk Off, or Risk Who Knows?

Now that the FOMC is behind us, And the result was exactly what we expected-stay the course, And most sectors of the market found the obvious...
silver futures price decline lower support targets trading chart image april 30

When Silver Looks Bad, It’s Been a Sign of a Bottom

Silver is pulling back sharply and it’s worth noting in the context of the broader market and trading or portfolio setups. But before getting into...
stock market etfs important trading bearish analysis week april 29 - chart image

Can Semiconductors Pull Off Another Sustained Rally?

With all the news flying around, we have found incredible confidence in our trading strategies by following the technical picture. This is the fourth week...
fcx freeport memorandum bearish stock price reversal lower investing image chart

Bearish Reversal For Copper Stock $FCX Would Be Concerning!

When the economy is doing well, we often see elevated or rising copper prices. So when we see one of the major copper stocks attempting...
cocoa futures price prediction higher investing chart analysis

Cocoa Prices Surge Higher Into Important Resistance!

Cocoa futures prices have rallied sharply over the past year. And the rally has really heated up over the past 3 months. Today we look at...

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