Coinbase (COIN): Are We Still Dating This Stock?

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On Valentine’s Day, I talked with Jon Erlichman of Bloomberg about what tradeable instrument I would date and which one I would marry.

For the record, I said I would marry silver. 

Lo and behold, silver perked up on Friday and closed with gains close to 3% and very near a potential major breakout.

For those who read my daily updates, you know we have been expecting a pop in inflation between March and June.

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If this rally in gold, silver, oil (longer term charts work well), and metal miners continue, this could be the start of a parabolic move. 

Also on Friday, Holden Milstein, our crypto expert, Samuel Burke of Real Vision, and I sat down together to talk about all things crypto-including Coinbase, the stock.

Holden knocked it out of the park with his analysis on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Here is a quote from Holden’s research:

“SOL is the largest altcoin in the market and it still is only about 1/8 Ethereum’s market cap. I’m not the first person to tout that SOL is faster, cheaper, and far more user friendly than ETH, and I personally believe that SOL will turn out to be the Apple of the crypto world thanks to how much the chain has catered to retail activities.”

On Coinbase COIN, I cover why it is a generational buy opportunity as the largest on-ramp platform for money to enter the crypto space.

As you can see in the chart, the price of COIN is consolidating as is the momentum.

Have a look see and a listen at our hour on Real Vision and walk away with a plethora of knowledge and trading ideas!

Have a great weekend!

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