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dbc commodities trading etf long term price chart elliott wave analysis

Is Commodities ETF $DBC Turning Back Down? (Elliott wave analysis)

Invesco is an investment management company that acquired the Power Shares Capital Management firm in 2004 so that to get access to the exchange-traded...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading low bottom forecast chart september

5 Market Themes For Traders This Week

The market took another turn for the worse this past week, with four weeks in a row in the red and the DOW futures...
us dollar index rally higher strength concerning chart October year 2022

US Dollar Index Concentration: Time To Worry?

The US Dollar is now trading at new 20 year highs. And interest rates have been steadily rising alongside the strengthening Dollar. So what's going...
ism manufacturing versus 10 year us bond yields chart

Yields Are Defying Yesterday’s Logic

Many astute bond investors are baffled by rising bond yields. Economic activity is slowing, inflation expectations are falling, the Fed is aggressively fighting inflation,...
iyt transportation sector etf stocks trading reversal lower chart september bearish

Stocks Try To Stabilize While Transports Hold Their Breath 

After Tuesday’s stock market rout, the outperforming sector transportation on Wednesday, struggled. Although our other indicator we have been writing about, junk bonds led the...
commodity index peak year 2022 inflation image

Is Inflation Cooling Off? Watch This Commodity Index!

Rising prices have hit consumers hard and disrupted balance sheets in corporate America. Even more interesting is that we have inflation while the US Dollar...
nasdaq 100 equal weight stock market index important price support bear market image

Equal Weight Nasdaq 100 Testing Important Bull Market Support!

We have written several times about the importance of technology sector leadership. Better said, when tech stocks are healthy, the broader stock market is...
us dollar trading extreme price resistance chart september

Can Anything Slow US Dollar Currency Strength?

The US Dollar is strengthening along side rising interest rates. In fact, both are rocketing higher as inflation takes root and the European economy...
iyt etf trading price reversal higher transportation sector chart september

Stock Market Clears Key Moving Average: What’s Next?

Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's speech this past week cautioned against prematurely loosening monetary policy.  Powell's speech reminds us that the Fed is focused on keeping...
gld gold etf trading price support important chart september

Gold (GLD) Breakdown? Watch 2-Year Trading Range Support

It is a crazy world out there right now. Slowing economies, war, political divide, and rising interest rates. Seems the current setup would be a...

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