commodity index price peak bearish pattern sell signal chart july

Is The Rally In Commodities Prices Reversing Course?

The past several weeks have seen many commodities take a breather from their near vertical ascent. This is welcome news for many consumers that have...
xop oil services etf trading price decline sell signal chart july

Energy Stocks Attempting To Break Down Through Key Support!

A couple weeks ago, we warned that energy stocks might be in trouble. We've followed and analyzed the entire trend higher for oil and...
sugar futures prices year 2022 trading chart analysis inflation

Sugar Futures Trading: Price Analysis and Historical Context

Some History First In 1972, supply shortfalls, rising demand, unrest in Pakistan, and the devaluation of the dollar all contributed to a large increase in...
united states oil uso etf price trend analysis year 2022 sell signal chart image

What Can Investors Expect From Oil Price Market?

U.S. crude oil continues to rise after a pullback late last week to around the mid-$90s per barrel. However, the price is hitting short-term resistance...
copper futures price peaks double top patterns historical chart image

Copper Futures Price Peak: Oops I Did It Again?

Looks like the historic run higher in copper prices may be taking a breather. While we cannot say that the LONG-term rally is over. It...
oih oil services etf trading at important price support investing chart image

Oil Stocks Counter-Trend Rally Over If Price Reversal Sticks!

For over 2 years, all crude oil prices did was go higher... and higher. And consumers have been feeling this pain as the gas...
commodities price top pattern double top warning chart

Are Commodities Reversing Lower After Historic Run?

We have covered the commodities rally and highlighted the everyday concerns with rising inflation and rising interest rates. Today, we'll revisit some long-term charts of...
silver gold precious metals buy signal momentum higher chart month june

Are Gold And Silver Ready for A Momentum Breakout?

Although we are watching for another step up in the major indices, we are also looking at safety plays in commodities.  Specifically looking at precious...
copper price trading next big move chart analysis month june

Why Copper Prices Are Nearing A Big Move

Seems the 'Metals' arena may be nearing a bigger move. Earlier this week, we touched on precious metal Silver, and now we will turn our...
silver price decline trading analysis technical support month june

Silver Trying To Hold Key Price Support Level!

With the US Dollar Index trading over 100, precious metals prices have stalled out. And if this headwind persists, it could push Silver below a...

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