dbc commodity index etf trading wedge formation chart

Commodities ETF Forms Wedge Pattern, Big Move Coming?

Commodities came into March like a lion and went out like a lamb. Even so, the price of several commodities remains elevated and pressuring an...
australian dollar currency trend trading analysis important price chart

If Australian Dollar Breaks Out, Commodities May Scream Higher!

Over the past 11 years, the Australian Dollar has been in a downtrend. Today's chart highlights its falling channel marked by each (1). Could we...
uso oil fund etf trading reversal chart march 30

What To Make Of Commodities Reversals

Tuesday, many commodity ETFs gapped lower while the major indices gapped up. Additionally, the Russell 2000 (IWM) finally cleared its pivotal price level at $209. However,...
crude oil price reversal biggest history month march chart

Is Crude Oil Creating Historic Bearish Price Reversal?

The Ides of March are in full effect. Investors have been rocked by war, inflation, and financial markets volatility. At the center of all of...
crude oil futures price peak elliott wave analysis year 2022 forecast

Crude Oil Price Peak? Elliott Wave Points To Correction

What can you do when the market goes hard against the trade you just entered? Here we revisit our February post about crude oil futures (symbol...
copper price pattern double top peak year 2022 chart

Is Copper Repeating Historic Double Top Price Pattern?

Copper is among several commodities with elevated prices right now. It has also formed an important price pattern that may send one of the strongest...
crude oil price target forecast 127 dollars barrel chart image

Crude Oil Likely To Hit $127 After A Brief Pause

After a steep pullback, crude oil prices have reversed higher. I highlighted this bullish reversal in a research note here on See It Market...
us dollar currency long term price trend analysis forecast chart image

US Dollar Rally Reaches Pivotal Long-Term Resistance!

Six years ago, the Economist magazine illustrated the mighty US Dollar. And that marked a peak that has since been tested but not broken out...
steel price etf forecast higher trading breakout chart

Are Steel Prices On Cusp of a Major Breakout?

Over the past several months, we've shared a lot of commodities charts and highlighted the economic theme of inflation. Well, inflation is here. Now...
xom exxon mobil gross profit margins and crude oil prices history chart

Big Oil and The Fallacy of a Windfall Profits Tax

Higher energy prices worrying you? Be afraid because Congress is coming to the rescue. Legislators are introducing a new bill called the “Big Oil...

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