gold price falls comparison bond yields rise correlation year 2021

Precious Metals Outlook: Is Gold Broken?

It is a reasonable question and certainly top of mind after the yellow metal (gold) has declined from just over $2,000/oz in...
crude oil break out highs long term price resistance important chart _ march year 2021

Crude Oil Rally Testing BIG Breakout Level!

Commodities prices have rallied sharply higher into 2021, lead recently by energy and grains. Today, we focus in on...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Reversal Give Bulls Renewed Energy

The major stock market indices held key price support levels late last week leading to a reversal higher into week's end. Stock...
thomson reuters commodities index crb breakout price resistance test chart image march 2

CRB Commodities Index Testing Important Trend Line Resistance

The broad rally in commodities prices has been very strong, taking turns heating up various commodities along the way.
december corn futures closing prices last 10 years trends chart

Corn Futures Up-Trend Is Your Friend Until…?

New-crop December Corn futures (CZ21) have been on a historic run early in the 2021 calendar year. CZ21 traded...
gasoline futures prices trading chart rise rally higher analysis february

Gasoline Futures Surge: A Look Back… and Ahead

I was chatting with Andy Nyquist, SeeItMarket founder, earlier this week. I mentioned that my first post to the site was over...
dba agricultural commodities etf rally higher bullish buy signal chart february 22 2021

Soft Commodities Are Making A Big Move

The pandemic has brought a multitude of supply chain disruptions reaching not only into the tech space, but also into the agricultural...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Up-Trends In Place, But Patience Necessary

We have seen several "mixed" trading days over the past two weeks. Bull market up-trends remain in place on the major stock...
gold futures prices lower decline forecast outlook february 1720 chart image

Gold Futures In Weak Position; $1700 Important

Gold has struggled to get anything more than a short-term rally off the recent MOB support band in the $1780 area.
gold etf gld price consolidation long term chart analysis february year 2021

Gold Price Consolidation Drags On, Levels To Watch

After a stellar first 7 months of 2020, gold peaked in August and turned sideways-to-lower. And it has been...

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