The Financial Market’s ‘Year of the Pig’ Likes Corn

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2019, I wrote a lot about the Year of the Brown Earth Pig, whose...
corn supply demand data week may 20 planted acres yield production

U.S. Corn Futures Trading Outlook: Price Tailwinds Arrive

July corn futures closed up 31 ½-cents per bushel week-on-week, finishing at $3.83 ¼ last week. Monday’s Weekly Crop...

Silver to Gold Ratio Underscores Recent Weakness

Tonight, I depart from the Economic Modern Family of stock market ETFs. However, do not forget that they are...
farmer during corn harvest

U.S. Corn Futures Trading Outlook: Is the Worst Behind Us?

July corn futures closed down 19-cents per bushel week-on-week, finishing at $3.51 ¾ Friday afternoon.   Combination of Tariff Hike...
stock market and oil top together same time correction investing news month may year 2019

Are Oil Prices Sending a Bearish Signal to the Stock Market?

Crude oil prices tend to offer a good general barometer for the global economy. More specifically, it is...
equal weight commodity index price resistance investing research _ may 7

Here’s Why Commodities Are Ready For A Big Move

The commodity complex has been caught in a decline for the past several years. Now that doesn't mean that...
oil services image

Does Crude Oil Have One More Move Higher?

The latest decline in crude oil prices may be offering another "trading" opportunity on the long side. We are...

Stock Market Today: Bears Kick Up Some Dust

Stock market volatility is picking up as we head deeper into the month of May. A few twists and...

Commodities Debate: New Bull Market or Prolonged Bear?

A lot is going on in markets right now with regards to commodities, emerging markets, and in particular - the US dollar.

Crude Oil Rally Stalling? Stock Market Bulls Hope Not

The 4 month rally has been broad based, with other risk-on assets like crude oil rallying in stride. This...

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