gold etf gld trading price support buyers chart june

Gold Trading “Refresh” Nearing The Buy Zone?

Gold prices took a 3rd run at new highs and fizzled out again. Looks like it may take a 4th attempt. Earlier this month, I...
crude oil futures bullish price reversal higher chart

Bearish at the Bottom: Why Institutions Are Wrong On Crude Oil

Crude Oil Futures On June 12th, Goldman Sachs came out with this: Goldman Sachs has slashed its forecast for oil prices by nearly 10%, citing weak demand in...
gld gold etf price trading decline lower chart june

Gold Price Actions Suggests Bulls Need a Refresh

Gold remained elevated for much of this spring, but trading became "heavy". In trading terms, that's when price stalls out in a consolidation pattern but...
gold price bullish gold miners with us dollar weakness chart year 2023

Gold Bulls Sure Hope U.S. Dollar Weakness Continues!

When the U.S. Dollar is strong, it is a headwind for precious metals. And when the U.S. Dollar is weak, it is a tailwind...
gold investing money flows etf weak versus strong price chart image year 2023

Investors: Time To Go For Gold?

For the third time in as many years, gold is brushing up against the US$2,000 per ounce zone, which of course raises the question...
gld gold etf trading price support analysis bullish buying opportunity image

Precious Metals and Mining Stocks Ready to Rally

In gold futures, we were looking for a correction to around $1940 an ounce.  The June contract fell to $1932. Now, it closed on the exchange...
silver futures price important resistance bearish analysis investing chart year 2023

Will Silver Prices Be Rejected By 800-Pound Resistance… Again?!?

The latest multi-month rally in precious metals set both gold and silver up for major tests of resistance. Today, we provide an update on Silver...
copper futures price decline lower forecast analysis chart year 2023

Are Copper Futures Prices Signaling Slowing U.S. Economy?

There's been plenty of uncertainty in the air. From our economy to the stock market to politics to war abroad, consumers are concerned. So we...
dbc commodity etf trading decline bearish breakdown year 2023 investing chart image

Commodities Decline Could Be Boon For Bonds and Dampen Inflation

For the past 18 months, inflation concerns have taken center stage in the financial news headlines. Could that be changing as we type? One of the...
gold price analysis important technical support may june image

Elevated Gold Prices Face Bigger Selloff If Support Fails!

There's so much uncertainty today that I think the markets are uncertain about being uncertain. I know Gold is sure trading like it. With so much...

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