slv silver etf trading rally higher rising prices chart inflation

Inflation Update: Silver and Precious Metals On Watch

Not the first time I have given readers this list of leading indicators to watch for a potential rise in inflation: Silver, especially if it...
sugar futures trading price bottom low chart

Are Sugar Futures Prices Bottoming?

The one caveat to a sustained equities rally, especially after relatively dovish statements by Powell, is the return of inflation.  This could happen because of: Supply...
natural gas futures price bottom low trading higher rally investing chart

As Oil Tests $80, What Next for Natural Gas?

Natural gas prices could be bottoming.  From October 9th, 2023, when prices in futures traded at 3.325 until February 20, 2024, when prices troughed at...
natural gas decline 50 percent in 30 days chart investing concern worry

Natural Gas Crashes Into Historic Price Support!

It's been a rough go for Natural Gas prices. Even with elevated inflation numbers, Natural Gas is still in crash mode. "The facts, Ma'am. Just the...
slv silver etf price under performing gold trading chart

When Will Gold Break Out? Watch Silver!

Gold and silver are trading in a relatable way to Dire Straits hit song "So Far Way". In that song, Dire Straits wrote, "you're so...
crb commodities index long term wedge price pattern investing chart image

Commodities Wedge Pattern Should Lead To Huge Move!

During the COVID pandemic, commodity prices soared. And this lead to a bout of inflation that we hadn't seen in years. But commodity prices have...
gld gold etf trading rally analysis chart image january

Higher Gold Prices Coming For Patient Investors  

For today, I am reprinting an interview I did for Kitco News with Neils Christensen, written by Neils. (Kitco News) - The gold market remains...
crude oil price chart one year

Did Inflation Really Fall to the Federal Reserve’s Target?

Friday the market woke up to great news. Mission accomplished on inflation. Yahoo Finance reported: “The Fed's preferred inflation measure — a "core" Personal Consumption Expenditures...
silver futures price pattern chart buy signal

3 Signs Of Inflation To Watch In 2024

As a follow up to a Daily I wrote on January 7th called "Super Cycles Do Not Just Fade Away", yesterday’s January 23rd Daily...
cane sugar etf trading higher buy signal chart january

Sugar Futures Trading: Time for Sweet Talk

The biggest mover so far in one month’s time is sugar futures, up over 16%. As I am a big follower of weather patterns and...

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