corn combine harvest

U.S. Corn Futures Outlook: All Bear Markets Eventually End

The corn bear market is lasting longer than most expected. But that's what bear markets do... and they...
sci commodity index price analysis chart image bottoming september

What’s Up (and Down) With Agricultural Commodities?

Friday morning, Benzinga interviewed me for their morning prep show (link at end of blog). If you listen in, you will get...
silver prices correlation 10 year treasury bond yield chart peaking september

Silver Rally About To Peak? Watch Bond Yields

The rally in Silver prices has been fast and furious, producing a steep up-trend on the Silver ETF NYSEARCA: SLV and Silver...
natural gas trading price analysis bullish if breakout downtrend september 5

Are Natural Gas Prices Done Stinking Up the Market?

Natural Gas Futures "weekly" Chart Natural gas prices NYSEARCA: UNG are in a decade...
gold silver price ratio chart analysis support rally higher september

Are Precious Metals About To Trigger Super Bullish Signal?

Precious metals have gained momentum of late. Especially Silver NYSEARCA: SLV, which had been lagging Gold NYSEARCA: GLD for some time.
japanese yen futures symbol

Japanese Yen Nearing Escape Velocity

The following article is a part of Samantha LaDuc’s Gone Fishing Newsletter that she provides to fishing club members each week via email to...
united states corn percent rated good to excellent by state week september 2

U.S. Corn Futures Price Outlook Clouded By Yield Concerns

Corn news and data reports / analysis for the week ahead: Monday’s Weekly Crop...
sly silver etf chart bull market breakout higher analysis week august 30

Silver Rally Exactly What Precious Metals Doctor Ordered!

The precious metals industry has been wrought with frustration for the past several years, with Silver NYSEARCA: SLV and Gold NYSEARCA: GLD...
gold breakout bull market price level buy chart year 2019

Gold Bulls Eyeing Important Breakout Level!

The price of Gold and the Gold ETF NYSEARCA: GLD have raced higher in August. In fact Gold reached...
usci commodities etf price analysis bearish chart august 28

Has the Trumpet Sounded for Commodities?

This summer for the first time in years, our trumpet vines are in full bloom! And what a happy...

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