lumber futures crashing lower trading price pattern analysis chart

Is Lumber Futures Ominous Price Pattern Signaling Further Declines?

One of the over-looked commodities and economic indicators is Lumber. And more specifically the price of lumber. The price of lumber has been on the rise...
litecoin ltcusd elliott wave forecast analysis chart september

Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash Set Up For Minimum 3 Elliott Wave Drop

Crypto-currency is in the news with the past several weeks experiencing extreme price volatility. Today, we look at two crypto-currencies: Litecoin (LTCUSD) and Bitcoin Cash...
gold price analysis elliott wave four bull market chart september

Gold and Silver Elliott Wave Price Cycles Offer Possibilities

After testing its all-time high of 2075, Gold is once again coming lower. Although this higher degree correction from last year is still underway, there...
crude oil price breakout buy signal momentum higher bullish month september chart

Here’s Why Crude Oil Prices Are Heading Higher

The energy sector is looking bullish as we head into the fall season. In particular, I like the setups on crude oil and heating oil....
natural gas price seasonality analysis bullish time period september october investing chart

Is It Time For Natural Gas ETF To Head Much Higher?!

The past 15 years or so have seen Natural Gas mired in a down-trend. But Natural Gas prices are perking up and this has...
gold price pattern analysis topping peaking year 2021 chart

Gold Bulls: Beware of “Hanging Man” Price Pattern!

The month of August came and went and the price of Gold remained fairly steady. The economic environment continues to be uncertain and perhaps...
defi index futures trading elliott wave top peak analysis chart image september

Are DeFi Tokens KAVA and YFII Near Elliott Wave Trading Tops?

DeFi tokens are making a big recovery, but the DeFi Index appears to be still trading in an (A)-(B)-(C) irregular flat correction within wave...
bitcoin futures trading elliott wave 4 of decline analysis chart image

Bitcoin Bulls Might Be Getting Nervous (Elliott Wave Analysis)

With the U.S. Dollar Index poised to embark on the next leg of its climb, as we highlighted in our currency post earlier this month,...
eurusd currency trading bottom reversal elliott wave analysis chart image

Elliott Waves: Gold Rallying As US Dollar Hits Resistance

The US Dollar Index appears to be turning lower due to speculation that the Federal Reserve may not withdraw stimulus as fast as first...
stock market correction signals bearish decline chart august 18 2021

Can Key Sectors Along With Bitcoin Hold Support? 

The Economic Modern Family now has 5 members sitting in a confirmed cautionary phase. A cautionary phase is defined by the 50-Day moving average stacked...

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