gold price analysis important technical support may june image

Elevated Gold Prices Face Bigger Selloff If Support Fails!

There's so much uncertainty today that I think the markets are uncertain about being uncertain. I know Gold is sure trading like it. With so much...
natural gas futures trading buy signal rally higher forecast chart year 2023

Natural Gas and Oil Are Always On Trader’s Radar

This week I wrote a daily trading update on USO, the US Oil Fund.  Plus, I did a video for CMC Markets on Natural Gas...
uso us oil fund etf trading buy signal price analysis image

US Oil Fund ETF (USO): Technical and Fundamental Analysis

USO, US Oil Fund the ETF, invests primarily in futures contracts for light, sweet crude oil, other types of crude oil, diesel-heating oil, gasoline,...
copper gold price ratio declining lower inflation risks chart year 2023

Economic Slowdown, Falling Interest Rates and Inflation? This Ratio Says Yes!

The world is full of economic concerns. Inflation, economic slowdown, global trade, and international war. So what's next? Today's chart might just might share a glimpse...
commodities bullish buy signal reversals may 2023 image

A Closer Look At Currencies, Metals and Soft Commodities 

For today, I am including a clip that covers currency pairs and several commodities. The four-chart screen is a daily screenshot of Gold (GLD), Sugar...
crude oil prices decline lower analysis image russian war offensives

Commodity Price Patterns Signaled Caution Despite Russian Invasion!

Market prices absorb all the information that's out there. Perhaps that's why several commodity prices surged in the months leading up to the Russian...
gold prices history chart important times eras war banks image

Gold Bulls Are Hoping 3rd Time Is The Charm!

The precious metals sector has remained elevated, yet volatile, over the past two years. Call it consolidation, but in my humble opinion, something has...
crude oil futures price chart decline lower analysis spring year 2023

Is Crude Oil About To Send An Important Global Message?

The past 12 years have seen some really big swings in the price of crude oil. And the latest swing higher into 2022 played...
crude oil price decline lower sharply crash chart may 4

Another Market Collapsing

The real reaction to Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting is likely to happen Thursday. All eyes and ears were on Chairman Jerome Powell today. Most notable...
spy s&p 500 index etf trading bearish sell signal pattern chart may 3

Will The Federal Reserve Make Gold Shine?

Stocks began the day weak, and weaker than most traders probably realized. As you can see in the intra-day chart below, short-term momentum, as...

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