stock market trading buy signals bullish reversals image

Stock Market Scanner Update: Bullish Reversals 

For those of you who read our Daily are by now, learning about the value of our scanning tools, quants and the Complete Trader. What we...
natural gas continuous futures price analysis measured move bottom chart year 2023

Natural Gas Price Bottom? Let’s Review The Measured Move Setup

Recently I posted the “measured move” on the Continuous Contract for Natural Gas Futures from a monthly scale. Here is the link. In my opinion, Measured...
oih oil services sector etf price reversal buy signal investing chart

What’s Up With Oil and Energy? (Sector and Stocks Update)

After the CORE PCE numbers came out on Friday, the market had the expected reaction of selling off in anticipation of a more aggressive...
sugar futures price surge in 2023 forecast chart image

Sugar Prices Soaring: What This Means For Markets

What if sugar futures are really onto something? What if they are relaying food shortages? More social disruption? The Start of Russian hoarding? Which leads to Geopolitical...

Gold Investors Are Betting On The Federal Reserve

By owning gold, investors are not necessarily hedging against a government default but ironically betting the Fed will increasingly misuse monetary policy to help...
commodity index equal weight important fibonacci price resistance chart february

Here’s Why Commodity Prices May Decline Lower Yet!

Commodity prices have skyrocketed over the past few years, but today we put the move higher into perspective. And we do this by looking at...
dba agriculture etf trading buy signal bullish commodities chart february

CPI Excludes Food: Have You Seen the ETF $DBA?

Maybe it’s just Valentine’s Day so the food and commodities market sees a push to chocolates, flowers, and fine dining. And maybe not. The CPI came...
coffee futures trading price higher forecast chart february

Coffee Futures Price Breakout Targeting $198

Coffee futures prices have been consolidating after a big rally. But perhaps that consolidation is over and Coffee is ready to make new highs. As...
gold etf gld bullish price pattern year 2023 higher prices

2-Year Business Cycles Matter for Commodities 

This week we have featured the 23-month moving average or 2-year business cycle and its significance to the indices. Particularly when writing about the S&P...
persistent inflation risks warning sign for investors

Inflation, What Inflation?

We typically have a song or two in my head. After all, watching ticks is musical and has a lot of different beats. And...

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