us dollar index important long term price support year 2023 investors chart image

Precious Metals Next Big Move Hinges On U.S. Dollar!

When the US Dollar broke out to new highs last year, it looked like nothing could stop the greenback. And the headwind of a...
rising gold prices stagflation inflation investing analysis chart year 2023

Now That “Stagflation” Has Gone Mainstream

This is just one of several headlines about stagflation we have seen this week: April 27, 2023 Stagflation Risks In Focus As U.S. Economy Slows,...
palladium futures trading bullish flag pattern breakout chart

Palladium Futures Trading: Bullish Buy Signal (Flag Pattern)

I like the recent price action in Palladium futures. Over the past several weeks, Palladium has formed a nice cup-like basing pattern and recently turned...
crude oil price low at important rising support investing chart april

Crude Oil At Crossroads, Next Move To Impact Inflation

Inflation concerns peaked last year when agriculture and oil prices peaked. This year has seen inflation fears subside as key price inputs fall. BUT investors should...
tlt treasury bond etf trading important price bearish sell signal investing chart april

New Treasury Bonds Bull Market? Don’t Bet On It

Persistent inflation has dogged the Federal Reserve for the past 12-18 months, leading to higher interest rates. But rates have fallen more recently as investors...
gold futures trading pattern breakout buy signal chart april

Gold Futures Breakout Keeps Buy Signal In Place

Gold futures cleared the $2000 level and are trying to breakout once more. As long as $1990 holds, Gold could be ready for another...
gold price all time high quarterly closing bullish higher price targets year 2023

Gold Bulls Dancing As Prices Close At Monthly / Quarterly Highs!

Gold prices remain elevated as inflation, political differences, and the prospect of international war radiate on the horizon. This prospect of uncertainty tends to be...
silver futures bullish buy signal continuous quarterly price chart

Silver Creates Bullish Quarterly Candlestick; Breakout Next?

Precious metals bulls rose sharply last summer into the heart of inflation headlines and Ukraine war news. Since that time, both gold and silver...
xle energy sector etf trading price reversal chart april

Energy Sector Gathers Tailwinds, Looks Ready To Rally

Crude oil in the $60s looks like a gift. War abroad, OPEC talking tough, summer driving season approaching. Oil prices are turning higher and, IF...
dba agriculture etf trading bullish crossover signal indicator chart

Why Buy the Agricultural Fund ETF (DBA)?

Last week I tweeted: I believe the #commodities prices in food softs $DBA have bottomed. $GLD - well those who know me-that I pointed out bottomed months ago. $SLV now outperforming. That...

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