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gld gold etf trading price resistance chart january

Gold’s Rally Is Lacking Momentum

Gold put together a nice rally into the 4th quarter of 2023. But the rally seems to have lost steam and may be ready...
gold in us dollars price breakout forecast chart year 2024

Important Gold Ratio Testing Breakout Resistance!

Precious Metals have been strong this month and have metal heads excited for next year. One gauge that I use to highlight the strength of...
gld slv etfs gold silver trading performance analysis investment chart year 2023

2024 Outlook for Gold and Silver

We will start with a passage from my long-form research 2024 Outlook: For last year’s Outlook I wrote, “Perhaps our biggest callout for a major...
gld gold etf trading at major price high resistance chart

Gold Price Rally Has Metals On Verge Of Breakout… Again

It seems like gold and silver have been trading near yearly highs for much of the year. That's because every pullback has been saved...
2 year treasury bond yields peak before fed funds signals interest rates decline history image

Falling Interest Rates Is Historically Bullish For Precious Metals!

Investors are getting excited about the Federal Reserve's interest rate pause and a soft landing for the economy. Time will tell, but I do want...
gold etf gld elliott wave price analysis year 2024 forecast chart image

Gold Might Be Putting In A Bearish Reversal

Gold prices have moved back and forth within a range during the past four years, and price is testing the top of the range...
gld gold etf trading pullback chart from december year 2023

Will Gold Pullback Turn Into Bigger Decline?

Precious metals enjoyed a resurgence in October and November. And this had both Gold and Silver bulls looking for a major breakout. Once, twice, three...
gold price ratio us dollar chart last 10 years bullish forecast

Is the Gold/U.S. Dollar Ratio Setting Up For A Major Breakout?

Precious metals prices have been creeping higher with Gold trading over $2000/oz. A weaker US Dollar has provided a nice tailwind and Gold bugs celebrated...
gold futures price breakout higher bullish investment analysis image

Precious Metals Are Breaking Out; Identifying Upside Price Targets

Both gold and silver have emerged from consolidation patterns with a good turn-up in momentum.  We like both metals here, and the weakness in...
silver futures price pattern bullish wedge breakout forecast chart november

Are Silver Prices Ready To Launch Higher?

Precious metals prices have quietly crept higher in recent weeks. And if the rally keeps going, Silver could trigger a very bullish buy signal. Today, we...

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