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What’s Next For Silver, Gold and the Mining Stocks?

Folks are calling the FED opening swap lines on the entire US Banking deposit base to the tune of $17.6 trillion as QE infinity. Moody’s...
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Investors: Get Ready for the Consumer Price Index!

Given the recent liquidity crisis in the banking sector, Tuesday morning’s CPI number could be an important driver in the Federal Reserve’s next move...
gold super cycle price target breakout chart year 2023

Gold Bulls Eyeing Historic Super-Cycle Breakout Level!

Nearly 12 years ago on 9/1/2011, I pointed to "the power of the pattern" and suggested that Gold should be flat to down for years...

Gold Investors Are Betting On The Federal Reserve

By owning gold, investors are not necessarily hedging against a government default but ironically betting the Fed will increasingly misuse monetary policy to help...
s&p 500 index investing performance comparison gold price chart february year 2023

Investing Performance: Comparing Gold vs S&P 500

This coming week is a big one. We have FOMC on tap with some Fed members calling for .50 bps rate hike on the heels...
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2-Year Business Cycles Matter for Commodities 

This week we have featured the 23-month moving average or 2-year business cycle and its significance to the indices. Particularly when writing about the S&P...
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Not Invested in Precious Metals Yet? 

I personally started out this year saying that to date, gold has been sold on strength and bought on weakness. And that the day...
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Is Inflation Cooling, or Set to Reignite?

This past week, I got to talk a lot about inflation, something many have thrown in the towel about. But not us! I sat down...
silver price resistance important year 2023 chart

Are Silver Prices About To Rocket Higher?

Silver prices have been moving higher for several months now and appear poised to test major breakout resistance. Could the reward for Silver bulls be...
gold futures trading price analysis year 2023 forecast breakout higher chart

Gold Trading Update: At Resistance, Watching For Breakout

The price of gold has stair-stepped its way higher over the past 10 weeks. Global uncertainty and a US Dollar pullback have been tailwinds. Gold...

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