trading challenges new traders_image

3 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom for New Traders

One of the biggest hurdles in trading is overcoming our natural tendencies (or bad habits) we bring with us when getting started. If we're...
us funds outperforming the s&p 500_years 2000 to 2016

Passive vs Active Investing Debate: When and Why?

In 1950, 90% of U.S. stocks were owned directly by households, with the rest owned by international investors and funds. During the 1970s and...
sp 500 stock market decline chart_fibonacci price targets_october 25

No Need To Panic On Outside Days

The S&P 500 Index (INDEXSP:.INX) put in an outside day on Monday. This deserves respect from traders and investors of all time frames, as well...
down range trading price bar classification day count year 2017

Trading Day Classifications and the Prospects for a Year-End Rally

Much is made regarding price action and day type classification. To keep things simple, let’s consider four possible day type classifications for this article. We can...
russell 2000 buying opportunities higher rvx volatility_trading chart

Trading The Russell 2000: Here’s A Timing Strategy

In our previous article, we looked at using the small cap Russell 2000 Volatility Index (INDEXCBOE:RVX) to better time long entries in the Russell...
stocks big gains drops declines_percent mean reversion chart

Mean Reversion: The Market’s Way Of Rationalizing Irrational Moves

After the apple hit Sir Isaac Newton’s noggin, he, and subsequently the rest of the world, understood gravity – what goes up must come...

3 Things I Learned From Mike Epstein

I was honored to receive the Mike Epstein award last week in New York from the MTA Educational Foundation.  This is an award given "for...
russell 2000 index chart rally overbought rsi chart_october 2017

Using RVX Small Cap Volatility Index to Time Your RUT Entries

With the Russell 2000 index (INDEXRUSSELL:RUT) sitting at record highs, many traders are wondering how much longer it can continue to climb without a...
daily trading range in dollar terms atr september history year to year chart

Market Volatility And Opportunity Over The Years

I am often asked what is the best market to create intraday trading strategies. There are maybe literally one million factors - both market related...
s&p 500 futures_seasonality_trading september_negative_history

S&P 500 Seasonality Turns Negative In Late September

As summer trading (hopefully) comes to an end we all might be in store for a bit more volatility and an increased likelihood for...

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