silver price resistance important year 2023 chart

Are Silver Prices About To Rocket Higher?

Silver prices have been moving higher for several months now and appear poised to test major breakout resistance. Could the reward for Silver bulls be...
gold prices going higher year 2023 forecast chart

Gold Price Pattern Breakout Forecasting Rally To $3000!

Volatility and uncertainty have infected the financial markets as well as geopolitics. While unfortunate, it is the perfect environment for gold and precious metals. And...
silver etf trading rally higher prices chart december

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Silver Or Gold?

While investor sentiment continues to be tugged and pulled, precious metals continue climbing. Silver is forecast to lead gold prices higher. We like both yellow...
gold futures bullish buy signal higher prices chart image december

Gold Prices Turn Higher, Precious Metals Sector Heats Up

The precious metals sector has struggled to gain traction this year with gold and silver trading well off the early year price peaks. That said,...
gold futures important price resistance chart analysis month december

Three Reasons To Watch Gold In December!

Gold started to perk up over the past month, finishing November on a very strong note. But, there is much more going here. Gold finished...
gold price performance versus stock market chart year 2022 bullish precious metals image

The Bullish Case For Gold Into Year-End

While gold has not done much in 2022 in terms of absolute returns, the SPDR Gold ETF (GLD) has indeed outperformed the SPY by...
slv silver etf trading strength bullish september chart

Is Silver About to Outshine Gold?

With the Fed about to announce its next interest rate change, it's a good time to check out the condition of gold (GLD). After all,...
invesco db commodities etf trading head shoulders top peak pattern chart september

Commodities Price Peak Could Limit Inflation

The red-hot run higher in commodities sent inflation soaring higher. And this lead to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates at a fast clip. BUT...
xle energy sector etf price targets august september year 2022 chart image

Energy Sector (XLE) and Stocks Bullish, Price Targets Higher

We follow the energy sector very closely and have been bullish for some time. Of course as an active investor you need the tools...
gold prices rallying higher investing analysis chart image august

Can Gold and Silver Hold Recent Price Gains?

As impressive as the global stock rally was last week, gold and silver's remarkable performance on Friday did not generate many financial headlines.  Still, their...

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