precious metals price patterns cup handle formation bullish long term history chart

Precious Metals “Cup” Patterns Have Long-Term Bulls Excited!

Each investor has to be aware of what their time-frame is. Are we looking at the coming days, weeks, months, or years. Some are...
xle energy sector relative strength breakout strong performance year 2022 chart

Are Energy Stocks Suggesting Long-Term Strength Here?

Energy stocks spent the decade of 2010 to 2020 mired in weakness... but is that trend coming to an end? The past two years have...
gold price influencers analysis year 2022 forecast

What’s Wrong With Gold?

Hit the rewind button back to a year ago. Gold was trading at $1,850/oz, and the iShares TSX Gold ETF was about $19.50. Now,...
natural gas price decline analysis trading at buy support area chart

Natural Gas Price Decline Reaches Critical Support!

While several commodities rode strong buying waves to new highs in 2021, some commodities have really cooled off over the past several months. One of...
xle energy sector etf trading breakout analysis investing chart

Is The Energy Sector (XLE) Nearing Inflection Point?

The coronavirus era has enjoyed higher stock prices, while also seeing higher energy and food prices. This is an odd dilemma... often referred to as...
commodity etfs hedge against inflation trading charts analysis

Trading ETFs That Hedge Against Rising Inflation

The Producer Price Index (PPI) is accelerating at a quick pace with a 0.8% increase this November. For the year, producer prices are up 9.6%.  As...
gold elliott wave price analysis a b c correction forecast chart december

Precious Metals Nearing Bounce Within Elliott Wave Correction

FX market has been relatively slow this week as Fed Chair Powell did not bring anything new in his testimony, so it appears that...
coffee etf jo bullish trading breakout higher prices forecast chart

Coffee Prices Soar, As Breakout Sends Cup of $JO Higher!

Commodities continue to run higher as inflation concerns are becoming an everyday reality for U.S. consumers. Recently, I highlighted a key equities to commodities ratio...
gold futures bullish breakout trading chart

Gold and Silver Attempting Major Price Breakouts

Precious metals investors may have reason to get excited once more. Months of drifting sideways to lower may soon be over... provided Gold and...
equities commodities ratio price performance trend reversal analysis chart

Time For Commodities To Out-Perform Equities?

From 1999 to 2009, equities under-performed commodities. This culminated with the '08-'09 Financial Crisis. This was followed up by a 10+ year run of equities...

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