Gold Setting Up for a Mid-Summer Nights Dream

The sun has been shining bright lately in south central Ontario and adding to that spike in serotonin from a healthy dose...
gold price chart weak momentum correction concerns image july 29

Gold Bulls Turn Up The Volume, But Timeframes Matter

The chatter around Gold - NYSEARCA: GLD - is growing as it trades above $1400/oz. Still, Gold bullish sentiment is nowhere near...
gold bars on us dollar bills

Prepare For Pullback In Gold Then Relaunch – Just Like 2008

GOLD (NYSEARCA: GLD) Has Skyrocketed Since May. Why? We have experienced a lot of dis-inflationary headwinds from the synchronized...
stock market volatility year 2019

Market Thoughts: Silver and Gold Are The New VIX

There’s a lot to unpack in the growing instability of the markets right now so I’m going to resort to equal parts...
globe made out of gold

Gold Headed Higher: Summer Price Targets and Analysis

Gold Futures Price Chart - Bullish Analysis On July 3 we published a research...

Stock Market Today: Crude Oil Rallying Off Key Price Support

The S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY) closed at an all-time high Thursday as stocks continued to march higher. Positive news...
copper gold price ratio correlation to interest rates chart image investing news - june 12

Stock Market Bulls Hope Copper/Gold Ratio Holds Support!

Macro indicators can help investors better understand what's happening within the broader economy. And this often spills over into the stock market.

How the Gold:Silver Ratio Chart Saved Investors

A while back I did a Daily blog on this ratio. Since then, Gold...
crude oil price implied volatility chart 5 years analysis investing news

Crude Oil Volatility Spike – A Classic Signal

The correction in crude oil has come as a shock to previously bullish traders and has rippled across global asset markets e.g....
new gold bull market chart futures speculative trading positions june 4

Is Gold Readying For New Bull Market?

In case you missed it, gold has finally managed to stage a decent rally.  Through the turmoil and...

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