gold mining stocks buy bullish

The 2020 Gold Rush and What’s Next for the US Dollar

The price of gold, and gold-related equities, have enjoyed a very strong run over the past few quarters. This...
commodity index rally higher breakout pattern analysis end year 2020_investing chart

Commodities Rally Runs Into Big Breakout Test

Commodities Index Equal Weight "monthly" Chart After a 9 year tail-spin, Commodities are starting...
gold mining stocks buy bullish

Who Says Gold Is Topping?

MarketGauge has some pretty cool proprietary software. One indicator is Triple Play. That measures...
gold price elliott wave analysis top peak targets weekly july 27 image

Gold ETF (GLD) Overshoots Price Targets Into Blow-Off Top

A month ago we published monthly and weekly charts showing the SPDR GLD Shares ETF NYSEARCA: GLD as being near the end of its...
best sectors performance gold stock market ranking image week july 27

Coronavirus Cases Rise, Pushing Gold Prices Higher While Stocks Consolidate

Last week the equity markets broke a two-week winning streak. Gold rallied for the...
silver higher price targets fibonacci extensions chart image july 26

Silver Rally: Next Stop $27?

Silver is finally waking up from a long bear market and multi-year slumber. Gold kick-started the precious metals rally...
silver to gold price ratio changing dynamic precious metals strength investing image

Silver to Gold Ratio Attempting Bullish Breakout

Silver (SLV) to Gold (GLD) Price Ratio Chart For the first 4 months of...
silver gold price ratio bullish precious metals silver forecast higher summer rally image

Silver / Gold Price Ratio Reversal Sends Bullish Message!

Precious metals continue to out-perform in 2020 as uncertainty rules the day. Gold took the lead early and rallied...
gold futures price forecast rally higher target 1860 investing chart image july 20

Gold Futures Breakout For One More Rally

Gold Futures Price Chart We would be adding here as gold has started to...
commodities price pattern double bottom long term bullish chart investing news image

Commodity Index Price Reversal Raises Hope for “Double Bottom”

Thomson Reuters Equal-Weighted Commodity Index Chart It's been a rough decade for commodities... but...

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