silver etf slv chart analysis buy support levels month september

Silver ETF (SLV) Update: All Eyes On $16 Support

In a recent article, I highlighted the rally in Silver as a bullish signal for precious metals (and gold).
united states natural gas fund higher rally prices ung chart image september 11

Natural Gas Price Reversal Higher Gives Bulls Life

This is a quick update for readers at See It Market to show how our natural gas...
sci commodity index price analysis chart image bottoming september

What’s Up (and Down) With Agricultural Commodities?

Friday morning, Benzinga interviewed me for their morning prep show (link at end of blog). If you listen in, you will get...
silver prices correlation 10 year treasury bond yield chart peaking september

Silver Rally About To Peak? Watch Bond Yields

The rally in Silver prices has been fast and furious, producing a steep up-trend on the Silver ETF NYSEARCA: SLV and Silver...
natural gas trading price analysis bullish if breakout downtrend september 5

Are Natural Gas Prices Done Stinking Up the Market?

Natural Gas Futures "weekly" Chart Natural gas prices NYSEARCA: UNG are in a decade...
japanese yen futures symbol

Japanese Yen Nearing Escape Velocity

The following article is a part of Samantha LaDuc’s Gone Fishing Newsletter that she provides to fishing club members each week via email to...
stock market investors on volatility chart

10 Important Developments for Investors to Watch in September

S&P 500 Index INDEXSP: .INX Price Chart The S&P 500 Index continues to trade...
gold price major breakout fibonacci level chart analysis august 21

Gold Is Knocking On Key Breakout Level

Gold Price Chart with “Weekly” Bars and Analysis In 2013, Gold broke below its...
stock market volatility year 2019

U.S. Equities Outlook Uncertain As Trade Talks, Key Indicators Turn Bearish

The equity markets experienced the largest weekly decline of the year last week after the Federal Reserve reduced the fed funds rate...

Gold Setting Up for a Mid-Summer Nights Dream

The sun has been shining bright lately in south central Ontario and adding to that spike in serotonin from a healthy dose...

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