s&p 500 futures selloff lower june 8 stock market analysis chart

S&P 500 Futures Trading Update: Fade Into Support

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 8, 2018 A potential fade is in progress and today’s behavior will shed light on its continuation in the...
us dollar index week reversal lower bearish trading currency_7 june 2018

US Dollar: Bearish Reversal Pattern Could Bring Weakness

Several weeks back, we highlighted why the US Dollar might be due for a rally... and how this could slow the rise in precious...
s&p 500 futures intraday trading june 6 stock chart price support resistance

S&P 500 Futures Update: Trading Setups & Levels For June 6

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 6, 2018 Moves through price resistance are occurring under a continued technical divergence. On the daily charts, we press...
crude oil futures up trend higher support line important_june 2018

Crude Oil Reversal Sets Up Important Trend Line Test!

A swift 13 percent decline in WTI Crude Oil has grabbed investors attention. And this shows how quickly sentiment can change. WTI Crude Oil has been...
coffee futures trading breakout higher new trend bullish_june 2018

Soft Commodities Are Getting Bulls Attention!

Yesterday, we highlighted an important price pattern in the chart of the Thomson Reuters Equal-Weighted Commodities Index. Today, we'll stick within that theme and look...
s&p 500 futures june 5 rally higher upside trading targets news image

S&P 500 Trading Update: Technical Divergence Taking Shape

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 5, 2018 Breaches of prior resistance under continued technical divergence. Allow levels to test and fail if you are looking...
crude oil etf uso long term elliott wave analysis forecast_4 june 2018

Crude Oil ETF (USO) Reversal: Should Bulls Be Concerned?

In our April post on this topic, we showed how the crude oil rally from last year's low was probably nearing its end. Although price...
s&p 500 futures trading june 4 price breakout rally image

S&P 500 Futures Trading Update: Price Levels To Watch

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 4, 2018 The charts are showing breaches of prior resistance across the stock indices, but under a continued technical...
trend analysis commodities equal weight index investing_breakout_4 june 2018

Commodities Price Compression… Something’s Gonna Give Soon!

Time frames are an important component of successful investing and research. And an investor's perspective on a price trend depends very much on the time...
s&p 500 futures june 1 trading price targets trades stock market news

S&P 500 Futures Trading Outlook: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 1, 2018 Traders began the US market hours inside of the trading ranges of prior days but the jobs...

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