natural gas etf ung price rising breakout higher investing chart image

Natural Gas ETF (UNG) Testing Top Of 7-Year Falling Price Channel

Over the past several weeks, I have dedicated a hefty sum of my time to looking at the rise in commodities (as it ties...
stock market trading forecast image october 13

Stock Market Outlook Mixed, Something’s Gotta Give

The S&P 500 Index fell (-0.24%) for the third straight day on Tuesday, but is still clinging to its weakly bullish posture for now....
december copper futures trading price target forecast 467

Are Copper Futures Prices About To Move Higher Again?

The price of copper is already elevated and one of may inflationary indicators investors are watching. Well, it appears to be headed higher again. On...
stock market trading indicators analysis october 6

Stock Market Outlook Remains Uncertain On Price Volatility

The S&P 500 Index moved more than 1% (either up or down) for the fourth consecutive session on Tuesday. That marks the first time...
crude oil elliott wave price analysis daily chart

Crude Oil Elliott Wave Forecast: New Highs, But When?

The price of crude oil is moving higher as supply side concerns grow. And this is pushing gas prices higher at the pump as...
xop spy trading ratio chart oil stocks out perform market forecast september

Energy Stocks Set To Out-Perform Into Year-End

The bullish setups across the energy complex of crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, and rbob gasoline has big implications for energy stocks from here...
gold price chart elliott wave bottom low forecast september

Gold and Silver Nearing Elliott Wave Trading Lows

Back in August Gold made nice and impulsive rally away from 1685 lows, as seen on the 4-hour chart that we labeled as first...
copper price pattern 4 dollar important sell signal chart image

Is Copper About To Send Important Signal To Investors?

When Doc Copper speaks, investors should listen. And it may be that time again. The price of copper broke above the $4 mark early this...
stock market forecast bearish trading outlook image september

Market Outlook: Stocks Chop While Bitcoin Drops

Tuesday was a bit of an odd day with Bitcoin and Blue Chips selling off, and the NASDAQ Composite closing higher (and achieving a...
gold price analysis elliott wave four bull market chart september

Gold and Silver Elliott Wave Price Cycles Offer Possibilities

After testing its all-time high of 2075, Gold is once again coming lower. Although this higher degree correction from last year is still underway, there...

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