new gold bull market chart futures speculative trading positions june 4

Is Gold Readying For New Bull Market?

In case you missed it, gold has finally managed to stage a decent rally.  Through the turmoil and...

Stock Market Today: Gold Rallies Amid Global Uncertainty

Although we have little idea what the month of June will bring returns-wise, I can assure you that investors are happy the...
uso crude oil etc trading cup with handle formation chart may 28 investing news

Crude Oil Decline Leaves Stock Market Feeling Hungover

There have been several analysts that have pointed out the decline in crude oil as being a bearish headwind for stocks.
crude oil price correction lower decline analysis bearish stock market chart may 24

Oil Breaks Down: Should Stock Market Bulls Be Worried?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about crude oil's recent correlation to the S&P 500 (stock market) and that its...
agriculture coffee corn etfs trading rally higher may 20

Frost, Floods and Food: Are Commodities Heading Higher?

Raymond Lo likes plants in this Year of the Brown Earth Pig, water element. “The industries that will perform...
copper futures downtrend decline elliott wave analysis investing may 21

Copper Elliott Wave Analysis: Bearish Scenario Playing Out

Copper futures recently tested the resistance area we had identified in a post at our website in February. In fact that area produced several...

The Financial Market’s ‘Year of the Pig’ Likes Corn

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2019, I wrote a lot about the Year of the Brown Earth Pig, whose...
stock market and oil top together same time correction investing news month may year 2019

Are Oil Prices Sending a Bearish Signal to the Stock Market?

Crude oil prices tend to offer a good general barometer for the global economy. More specifically, it is...
oil services image

Does Crude Oil Have One More Move Higher?

The latest decline in crude oil prices may be offering another "trading" opportunity on the long side. We are...

Commodities Debate: New Bull Market or Prolonged Bear?

A lot is going on in markets right now with regards to commodities, emerging markets, and in particular - the US dollar.

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