stock market holiday rally

2020 Stocks and Commodities Market Insights: Year of the Rat

Although we are still a few weeks away from the Chinese New Year, it’s not too early to share some of my...
copper futures price breakout higher rally in year 2020 forecast

Will Copper Price Breakout Reduce Odds of Recession?

Copper Futures "weekly" Price Chart For a long time, copper prices have been a...
euro currency trading breakout higher stronger chart image - 12 december year 2019

Euro Currency Breakout? Gold Bulls Sure Hope So!

Euro Currency Breakout? - Here's the “weekly” Chart The Euro has spent much of...
stock market outlook forecast december 11 investing analysis image

U.S. Stock Market Resilient, As Price Trends Remain Bullish

The S&P 500 Index INDEXSP: .INX fell 0.11% today but continues to have a bullish intermediate posture. The Russell...

2020 Energy Sector Outlook: Value Trap or Opportunity?

Saudi oil company Aramco may be getting all the headlines but, for the third consecutive week, oil prices measured by the West...
gold price chart decline correction analysis targets chart image - 26 november 2019

Rising US Dollar Should Continue To Pressure Gold and Emerging Markets

The major US stock market indices pushed up and made new all-time highs Monday, with market breadth coming in better than what...
crude oil futures 62 price target trading image analysis month november

Crude Oil Reversal Higher Points To $62 Price Target

Crude Oil Futures Trading Chart I am bullish crude oil for a trade here.
gold etf price chart analysis correction lows november 15 2019

Is Gold Ready To Reverse Higher Again?

Investors in gold are sitting on some nice year-to-date gains for 2019. However, much of those gains came during...
gold dollar ratio break down lower correction chart image investing news november 14

Will Gold / Dollar Ratio Continue To Break Down?

Precious metals bulls enjoyed a big rally this summer. And they are hoping for another burst higher... but that...
gold etf demand tons rising price pressure higher image

Gold Exposure Offers Investors Diversity and Defense

While we are positive on the markets in the near term, given the age of the current market cycle we certainly have...

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