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tlt treasury bonds etf trading reversal higher chart

U.S. Economic Data Insights: The GDP, PCE, ADP Waltz

Conference Board Economic Forecast:  Looking into 2024, we expect the volatility that dominated the US economy over the pandemic period to diminish. In the second...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading doji star price pattern indecision chart image

Can Small Caps Lead the Market Higher? (with Video Analysis)

Small caps as measured by IWM are key for the fall and into 2024.  You can also look at SML S&P 600. IWM could be forming...
nasdaq 100 etf qqq lower high bearish investing chart year 2023

Can Tech Stocks Fight Through “Lower Highs” Resistance?

Several stock market indices and sectors are nearing important trading points within various patterns. But arguably none more important than the major technology indices. Today we...
shanghai sse composite stock market index important pennant pattern investing chart

China’s Shanghai Composite Stock Index Nearing “Decision Time”!

China has the world's largest population and second largest economy, so it's always wise to keep an eye on the Chinese economy and stock...
us treasury bond yields interest rates long term trend change breakout higher chart image

Have U.S. Bond Yields Began A New Long-Term Trend Higher?

Rising interest rates are beginning to spook investors. And rightfully so. It's been the fastest rise in rates in decades. And just when we thought...
technology stocks correlation interest rates important time right now chart image

Tech Stocks versus Interest Rates Reaching Breaking Point!

The correlation between technology stocks and interest rates is pretty simple. As interest rates fall, tech stocks rally. As interest rates rise, tech stocks...
stock market indices etfs trading important price support investing chart august

The July 6-Month Calendar Trading Range Hits August Doldrums

Summertime and the living should be easy. Folks do tend to go away in August as the market tends to chop around on lower volume. This...
nasdaq composite s&p 500 index performance price ratio chart long term analysis

Are Tech Stocks About To Falter? Or Ready To Lead Again?

The main bank of stock market leadership has come from the technology sector. Let's face it, tech stocks have been market leaders for years and...
10 year united states treasury yield long term trend reversal higher historical chart

Are 10-Year Yields Nearing Historic Breakout To New Highs?

Interest rates remain in the spotlight with investors watching every economic data release and wondering when the Federal Reserve will stop raising rates. Well, one...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf trading all time highs breakout price resistance chart july 21

Large Cap Tech Eyeing Breakout Resistance: Massive Implications!

There is just no sugar coating it: Technology stocks are the hottest sector on the planet. And if the broader stock market wants to keep...

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