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s&p 500 index trading weakness bear market chart september

The Stock Market Bounces Amidst Strong Headwinds

The S&P 500 was sharply oversold last week according to Our Big View weekly analysis. Hence the market bounced and cleared the 50-day moving...
us dollar trading extreme price resistance chart september

Can Anything Slow US Dollar Currency Strength?

The US Dollar is strengthening along side rising interest rates. In fact, both are rocketing higher as inflation takes root and the European economy...
iyt etf trading price reversal higher transportation sector chart september

Stock Market Clears Key Moving Average: What’s Next?

Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's speech this past week cautioned against prematurely loosening monetary policy.  Powell's speech reminds us that the Fed is focused on keeping...
growth to value performance ratio investing etfs long term chart bearish growth

Are Growth Stocks Triggering Bearish Sell Signal?

Interest rates remain elevated and this has taken its toll of the stock market... and particularly growth stocks. While several growth stocks remain in the...
retail sector etf xrt trading price reversal lower bearish september chart

Stock Market Trading Outlook For Week Ahead (with Economic Modern Family)

Labor Day is approaching, so it's time for some fantastic fun, entertainment for everyone, and relaxation. Monday the market is closed in observation of...
nasdaq composite decline critical price support investing chart september

Nasdaq Composite Teetering On Bear Market Support!

The Nasdaq Composite is in the midst of another selloff. Will the current volatility result in new lows? Well, that is the million dollar question...
10 year us treasury bond yield elliott wave chart september

Hawkish Federal Reserve Keeps US Dollar In Up-Trend

Unfortunately, markets are where they are, and we cannot force them to move in a particular direction. We see a neutral status at the...
xrt retail sector etf selling decline chart

The Russell 2000, Retail and Transportation Stocks Tell a Story

Granny Retail breaks down the health of consumption I'm going to introduce you to my favorite way to explain markets, price action, where the market...
s&p 500 index bearish price reversal bear market sell signal chart august year 2022

S&P 500 Posting Big Bearish Reversal In August

The stock market is falling once again, with the S&P 500 Index trading nearly 10 percent lower than its high just weeks ago. In fact,...
dba agriculture etf trading relative strength chart image september

Smart Investors Know the Importance of Inflation Protection

One of the most significant economic sectors on the planet is agriculture, which has been greatly affected by climate change and recent geopolitical events. When...

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