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dow jones transportation average largest bearish reversal stock market crash chart march year 2023

Will Historic Bearish Reversals Spell Doom For Dow Transportation Average?

I think everyone will agree that the transportation sector is an integral part of the U.S. economy. When they are trending higher, the economy is...
tlt treasury bond etf bearish price indicator chart

Will Stock Market Internals Turn More Bearish?

Jerome Powell brought reality to the market. "The latest economic data have come in stronger than expected, which suggests that the ultimate level of interest...
dow jones utilities average long term price chart bearish sell signal year 2023

Utilities Stocks Are Teetering On Historic Support!

The Dow Jones Utilities Average has enjoyed a 20-year bullish rising price trend. But a recent multi-month sell-off has bulls on the ropes and wondering...
european stock market indexes dax cac40 trading breakout resistance chart march 2

Are DAX and CAC40 Indices About To Send Big Message to Investors?

As we look across the major global stock market indices, we are seeing some divergences appear. And today we highlight one that appears to...
nasdaq 100 index etf qqq new highs lows indicator anlaysis chart image march 1

NASDAQ New High/New Low Ratio and Risks

Stuck is a word we have used a lot lately. Some common synonyms for stuck are jammed, trapped, put, pushed, and caught. Nasdaq is stuck, jammed,...
10 year us treasury bond yield long term investing analysis chart

Are Interest Rates Nearing Another Surge Higher?

Interest rates are rising. Yes they are in an up-trend. And the only thing that seems likely to stop them from rising is a recession. BUT...
s&p 500 index bullish bearish neutral gauge year 2023 image

Sugar Coating Stagflation: How About No Landing?

This chart is from our product called Big View. Coming into the FOMC, the sentiment for risk is neutral. A week ago sentiment was 100%...
s&p 500 index investing performance comparison gold price chart february year 2023

Investing Performance: Comparing Gold vs S&P 500

This coming week is a big one. We have FOMC on tap with some Fed members calling for .50 bps rate hike on the heels...
dow jones utilities index bearish stock market signal chart image

Are Utilities Stocks Setting Up For A Big Decline?

Utilities stocks have been in a long-term uptrend over the last 20 years. This tremendous trend can be seen in the "monthly" chart of the...
us dollar index strong rising higher target forecast investing chart image

Update: US Dollar Index Strengthens, Bond Yields Heading Higher

Since the start of the new year we have shared a couple updates on the US Dollar and 10-Year US Treasury Bond Yield... both...

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