virtual reality adoption consumer image

The Age of the Metaverse: Virtual Reality’s Growing Popularity

Virtual reality (VR) continues to see a greater set of use cases each day. It goes beyond gaming and entertainment, enabling consumers to enter a...
alternative credit payment technology

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Services Changing Credit Landscape

Our daily lives are comprised of countless purchases, big and small. Beyond the advancements in the products and services we buy, there has also...
internet messaging services growth image

Internet Usage Statistics Explode In 2021 (Shopping, Messaging, Videos)

The internet has been around for several decades and has significantly changed the way we do business, communicate, and entertain ourselves. The result is a...
video games popular growth image

EA’s Battlefield 2042 Game Poised to be Consumer Hit

Consumers have plenty of entertainment options at their fingertips and video games are a popular choice. As gaming systems become more advanced, games themselves also...
meetings technology apps FaceTime zoom competition image

FaceTime Going After Zoom Meeting Market Share

Modern devices have enabled us to keep in touch in ways like never before. Today, consumers can communicate via live video, through apps like...
virtual reality adoption consumer image

Virtual Reality Adoption Continues But Consumers Want More Content

Historically, virtual reality (VR) has been associated with costly, clunky hardware, limited to gaming. Yet the story is quickly changing as friction points in...
bitcoin decline lower forecast bearish downgrade chart image investing

Did Bitcoin Put In An Important Trading Top?

Bitcoin continues to not act all that well, at a time when it's become a non-stop topic of discussion in the media these days. Prices...
facebook earnings report q1 2021 image

Facebook Q1 2021 Earnings Report Highlighted by $26B Revenue

Facebook earnings report was very strong, as the company once again executed very well. The company post $26B in quarterly sales and is now has...
google alphabet corporate earnings report bullish growth

Alphabet (GOOGL) Earnings Insights, Analysis, and Takeaways

Alphabet (aka Google) reported corporate earnings after the market close on Tuesday. The report was solid, sending shares of $GOOGL higher. Google is seeing various...
automation equals money savings for business

Automation Solutions Unlocking Value For Fortune 500 Companies

Organizations must constantly seek to improve, or they risk being left behind. Many necessary processes are time-intensive yet add little to no value, and result...

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