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Facebook, Apple And The Best Tech Companies In The World

There are a lot of different ways to examine a company using financial metrics: revenue growth, research & development, revenue per employee. But one...
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GoPro Stock Price Craters: Where Will GPRO Bottom?

It's been a roller coaster ride for GoPro (GPRO) stock investors. Since the IPO, GoPro's stock price surged higher (almost hitting $100 per share),...
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8 Great Articles For Investors: Insights And Inspirations

We live in interesting times and it's not always easy to see what the financial markets are up to. From the game of cat and mouse...
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GoPro (GPRO) At Crossroads: Why A Rally Must Start Now

I've spent a lot of time looking at GoPro (GPRO) over the past year. And I've forecast several turing points for trading swings with...
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Apple Deal With Beats Gets Mixed Reviews; Cool Factor Weighs

When the Apple deal with Beats started to make its way through the headlines, my first thought was "good fit."  And although it has...
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Twitter Tips For Investors: Maximize Returns, Avoid Pitfalls

Investors have tagged the now publically-traded Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) with a near $40 Billion market capitalization as we enter year-end 2013. Yes, it’s been...
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The Biggest Risk to Apple’s Consumer Products Empire

By Ross Heart A few weeks back I mentioned to See It Market founder Andy Nyquist that I was working on a post detailing the #1...
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Apple iPhone5 Review: Special Edition of Random Thoughts

By Alex Salomon So it's official: on Friday morning, bright and early, my wife and I snatched Apple iPhone5 32GB #3 (Black, hers) & #4 (White,...
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Up Close and Personal: The New Age of Advertising

By Alex Salomon As I started writing about the new age and evolution of advertising and delved into the realm of future automated engines that will...

Social Media Musings and The Information Age

Welcome to the Information Age, where word travels fast… real fast.  Where we can track news from many media outlets and across many different...

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