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iwm russell 2000 etf trading breakout new highs chart march 28 2024

Small Cap Stocks Testing Important Breakout Resistance

Stocks continue to show strength into 2024. And one index that has been a laggard appears to be perking up. The small cap Russell 2000. When...
gdx gold miners etf trading bullish buy triangle price pattern chart year 2024

Is the Gold Miners ETF (GDX) Ready To Blast Off Higher?

Just as everyone is fawning over Bitcoin and stocks at all-time highs, Gold has quietly made all-time highs. And, just as we wrote earlier...
nvda nvidia stock price double top fibonacci level chart march 27

Nvidia’s Stock Reaches Crossroads At Key Fibonacci Price Level

Nvidia has been a lightning rod of attention as it surged to parabolic highs over the past several weeks. This surge also helped lead semiconductors...
swiss franc currency multi wave decline lower lows chart march 27

Swiss-Franc Currency Decline Nears Important Pivot Support!

I imagine that you, like me, look forward to reading about the markets that are rarely covered. For example, yesterday we looked at Truth Social...
dwac stock price rally bullish buy signal trading chart march 26

$DWAC Begins Trading Under Trump’s $DJT

As we might cover any new publicly traded stock, we wish to bring unbiased fundamental and technical analysis on Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC),...
gold price breakout new highs inverse head and shoulders pattern analysis trading chart march 2024

Gold Breaking Out of Bullish Inverse Head & Shoulders!

While all the headlines are focused on Bitcoin and the new highs for the major stock market indices, the price of gold is creeping...
smci stock price top peak analysis investing chart image - super micro computer year 2024

Did Super Micro Computer Stock (SMCI) Peak and Reverse Lower?

The stock market is beginning to swerve up and down here at elevated levels. This has lead to some winners and some losers... and...
shanghai stock exchange composite trading sell signal investing chart march year 2024

Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite At Long-Term Crossroads!

When the Chinese economy or stock markets are signaling an important turn or good/bad signal, the rest of the world needs to listen. Today, we...
s&p 500 etf spy trading into important price peak chart federal reserve news march 20

Is S&P 500 Nearing Turning Point With Spring Equinox?

It is always worth keeping a close eye on the stock market price action around this time of year. 18 months ago, it was the...
nasdaq 100 etf qqq trading decline downside lower price targets chart year 2024

Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) Downside Risk Price Targets

The Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) is beginning to show further signs of deterioration, from bearish momentum divergences between price and RSI to weakening breadth...

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