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dax german stock market index investing analysis price support chart november

German DAX Trading At Important Price Decision Point!

Germany is one of the most important stock market's in the world. And what it does next could very well send an important message to...
dba agriculture commodity etf trading price breakout resistance chart november

Agriculture Commodities ETF (DBA) Eyeing Breakout Resistance

While there are many that believe inflation is easing, there are still several that think it's elevated. Let's just say it's an uneven playing field...
msft aapl nvda stock price charts investing analysis one year 2023

Breaking Down the Top 3 Technology Stocks

Why has the Nasdaq taken a bullish turn in November 2023? It's all about the largest names in the Technology sector demonstrating the positive influence...
intu intuit stock price chart bearish analysis earnings announcement november

Bears Roam Wild During Earnings Season: Two Tech Platforms In Focus

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Earnings season has been one the bulls would like...
s&p 500 etf elliott wave long term price target lower downside chart

Will S&P 500 Remain Below The Summer Highs?

Will S&P 500 remain below the summer high? Trading On The Mark When we last wrote about the S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA:SPY) in early September, it was unclear...
us dollar index trading breakout price pattern important resistance november - chart image

US Dollar Ready For Next Move; Commodities and Equities Watching!

The U.S. Dollar rally has taken a breather, with the King of the currency world trading sideways for the past several weeks. But there is...
gld gold etf trading at breakout price resistance chart

Gold Testing Breakout Price Resistance… 3 Times A Charm?

Gold prices have made a strong reversal to the upside... and it came out of a quick downturn (catching traders leaning the wrong way). Could...
russell 2000 etf iwm price decline testing critical price support chart image

Russell 2000 and Small Cap Stocks Testing Critical Price Support!

It's been a dreadful past couple of years for the Russell 2000 and small cap stocks. Only in 2009, have small caps performed worse over...
bkx bank index kbw trading price support important concern stock market chart image

Bank Stocks Teetering on Critically Important Price Support!

For this first time in his tenure as JPMorgan Chase president, Jamie Dimon sold some shares on Friday. Does he know something that we should...
s&p 500 index long term history price chart with trend lines

S&P 500 Index Nears Important Long-Term Trend Support!

Stocks have come under pressure and concerns are beginning to mount. But rather than zooming in on the short-term, sometimes it's good to zoom out...

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