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junk bonds etf jnk trading bearish gartley pattern sell signal chart image

Junk Bonds (JNK) Form Bearish Gartley “Sell” Pattern

The credit markets are a very important measure to monitor and watch with regard to the success (and failure) of the equity markets. They...
dow jones utilities average long term price chart bearish sell signal year 2023

Utilities Stocks Are Teetering On Historic Support!

The Dow Jones Utilities Average has enjoyed a 20-year bullish rising price trend. But a recent multi-month sell-off has bulls on the ropes and wondering...
stock market trading buy signals bullish reversals image

Stock Market Scanner Update: Bullish Reversals 

For those of you who read our Daily are by now, learning about the value of our scanning tools, quants and the Complete Trader. What we...
european stock market indexes dax cac40 trading breakout resistance chart march 2

Are DAX and CAC40 Indices About To Send Big Message to Investors?

As we look across the major global stock market indices, we are seeing some divergences appear. And today we highlight one that appears to...
stld steel dynamics stock strength buy signal investing chart march 1

Buying Low and Selling High? Here’s Something Even Better

Were you ever told, "Buy Low, Sell High?" That was one of the first market maxims I learned early on in my career as the...
nasdaq 100 index etf qqq new highs lows indicator anlaysis chart image march 1

NASDAQ New High/New Low Ratio and Risks

Stuck is a word we have used a lot lately. Some common synonyms for stuck are jammed, trapped, put, pushed, and caught. Nasdaq is stuck, jammed,...
natural gas continuous futures price analysis measured move bottom chart year 2023

Natural Gas Price Bottom? Let’s Review The Measured Move Setup

Recently I posted the “measured move” on the Continuous Contract for Natural Gas Futures from a monthly scale. Here is the link. In my opinion, Measured...
cent stock breakout buy signal chart analysis image

Century Aluminum (CENX) Pops Up as Bullish Stock

The week starts out exactly how we expect.  The S&P 500 (SPY) and other indices are stuck in the trading range within a trading range. The...
oih oil services sector etf price reversal buy signal investing chart

What’s Up With Oil and Energy? (Sector and Stocks Update)

After the CORE PCE numbers came out on Friday, the market had the expected reaction of selling off in anticipation of a more aggressive...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading important support chart february 24

Is Big Test In Store For Russell 2000 (IWM) at $180?

The first two months of the new year have been a tale of two stories for active investors. The stock market surged in January, then...

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