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unity software stock price reversal higher trading analysis chart october

Is Unity Software’s Stock Price Reversing Higher?

Select technology stocks are beginning to hit our radar with potential trading buy setups. One that popped up today is Unity Software (U). It screens...
energy crisis high prices oil and natural gas october year 2021

Energy Crisis Brewing? Oil & Gas Price Breakouts Stir Worries

The coronavirus crash in the spring of 2020 left crude oil and natural gas prices decimated. An energy crisis was but a remote thought...
s&p 500 index etf 6 month price trading range chart image

S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Bounce Off 6-Month Calendar Range

Calendar ranges have been used for a long time in charting as important levels to clear or break down from.    Investors can view price as...
stock market trading indicators analysis october 6

Stock Market Outlook Remains Uncertain On Price Volatility

The S&P 500 Index moved more than 1% (either up or down) for the fourth consecutive session on Tuesday. That marks the first time...
commodities corn sugar rally strength prices chart october

Which Commodities Are Countering the Markets?  

While the major stock indices continue to weaken, U.S factories have seen a 1.2% increase in orders in August.  This shows that although equities are...
s&p 500 index peak top fibonacci extension analysis chart october 2021

S&P 500 Index: Wrong Place For Bearish Reversal Pattern!

The month of September ushered in some volatility to the stock market... volatility we had not seen in quite a while. Perhaps it will continue...
uup us dollar etf price reversal lower investing analysis chart image

Weekend Market Update: U.S. Dollar Has Had Its Day

The U.S Dollar chart as represented by UUP, the Invesco DB US Dollar ETF, shows some classic signs of a top. Before I delve deeper...
gold us dollar important price support chart investing analysis october

Are Gold Bulls In Trouble? Watch This Ratio!

The precious metals arena has reached important junctures for both Silver and gold. Yesterday, we highlighted an important test of support for Silver. Today,...
stock market breadth indicator peaking

Stock Market Breadth Is Similar To Previous Tops

I was taught that the markets go up the escalator and down the elevator. To rephrase, uptrends tend be long and drawn out while...
xlre real estate etf lower price target 41 dollars chart

Real Estate ETF (XLRE): Downside Trading Price Target

Real estate is a key cog in our economy. And when it's strong, it is supportive of the financial markets as a whole, including...

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