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cane sugar etf trading higher buy signal chart january

Sugar Futures Trading: Time for Sweet Talk

The biggest mover so far in one month’s time is sugar futures, up over 16%. As I am a big follower of weather patterns and...
dow jones industrials elliott wave forecast top projection lower chart year 2024

Why Dow Jones Industrials Race to a Top Will End Badly (Elliott Wave)

Of the indices we've covered this month, the S&P 500 ETF appears poised to eke out a minor new high above that of 2022....
iwm russell 2000 under performing stock market indices investing chart

Tech and Growth ETFs Go Fast and Furious While Others Idle

Let’s get right to it. The charts and our tools are telling. First, I look at moving averages and phases. Second, I look at Real Motion...
semiconductors etf smh breakout pattern buy signal january 2024

Semiconductors (SMH) Trigger Buy Signal With Cup and Handle Breakout!

Not too long ago, we wrote about a potential cup with handle breakout for the market leading Semiconductors ETF (SMH). You can read that...
aapl apple stock price support trading buy signal chart image

Trend Trading with January’s 6-Month Calendar Range Reset!

We are super excited to announce that today starts the official January 6-month calendar range. As you can see in the chart for Apple, the...
s&p 500 index price forecast pathways year 2024 investing chart image

Will The S&P 500 Decline To 4300 By End Of February?

We kicked off the new year of 2024 with an overheated stock market, excessively bullish breadth indicators, and euphoric sentiment levels. While the first...
xlv health care sector etf breakout resistance chart january

Health Care Sector (XLV) Trading At Top Of Channel; Breakout Watch

After a big Covid run-up, the Health Care Sector ETF (XLV) has traded in a 30 month sideways channel. But with the stock market trading...
gld gold etf trading sell signal bearish chart january

Precious Metals Trading Outlook For Gold and Silver

With the news on geopolitical escalation, soft versus hard landing, disinflation versus reinflation, growth versus value and credit default versus available disposable income, gold...
is stock market bullish or bearish sign

Recapping This Week’s Daily Market Insights

I began the week focused on bank earnings, which we will wake up to tomorrow. In that Daily, I wrote, “one can assume that bank...
S&P 500 elliott wave forecast decline new lows year 2024 chart

S&P 500 Forecast for Q1 2024: The Bearish Elliott Wave Case

The decline we drew on the chart last week for the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (NYSEARCA:IWM) worked as expected. Price moved down into the...

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