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iwm russell 2000 etf bearish sell signal indicator chart april 13

Stock Market Sending Mixed Messages? Watch These Indicators

On Monday the 'Economic Modern Family' of stock market ETFs which consists of 1 index and 5...
transportation sector stock market image

TSA Data Shows Americans Ready To Travel Again

One of the most impacted activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic was air travel. Through early 2020,...
best stock tickers etfs to follow signals stock market chart iwm iyt smh

How To Navigate The Stock Market With 3 Ticker Symbols

Last week’s focus was the Russel 2000 (IWM), Transportation ETF (IYT), and Semiconductors ETF (SMH).
bkx bank index stock market top warning april chart

Are Bank Stocks In Line For April/May Peak?

Will investors follow seasonal trends and "sell in May"? One key sector to follow is the banking/financials sector, as it is a...
swks skyworks stock buy analysis signal higher price chart april 9

Skyworks Stock (SWKS) Breaking Out, New Highs Likely

The strong technical position of Skyworks stock (SWKS) placed it on our radar recently. But...
s&p 500 index rally higher peak top price target chart april 8

S&P 500 Rally Nearing Important Trading Time/Price Area

The S&P 500 Index could make an initial peak at 4100-4110. Time-wise, this should...
apple stock price reversal higher buy signal trading chart april 8

Apple Stock Price Surge Triggers Buy Signal

Apple stock (AAPL) has reversed higher and triggered a buy signal. AAPL stock price...
investor asset allocations equities 30 year chart image

AAII Asset Allocation Survey – Deploy the Cash… (or not?)

Equity allocations have surged to a 2-year high.Cash allocations have dropped to the bottom end of the range.(yet) cash *levels* have not...
2020 surge money supply change year over year chart image

Inflation: Making The Complex, Simple

The quarterback signals for the Y receiver in the trips formation to shift left toward the right tackle. At the same time,...
iyt transportation sector etf relative strength stock market leader analysis chart april 7

Can The Transportation Sector (IYT) Hold Up Stock Market?

The FOMC Minutes report released Wednesday stated little to no change. Interest rates will stay low until 2023...

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