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Stock Market Futures Update: Bulls and Bears Battle Over the Bounce

The price action across the major stock market futures indices has been noisy and volatile. The current bounce has...

Stock Market Today: Making Sense of the Bounce

Stocks are bouncing into Wednesday as investors begin "picking" at stocks they like. But the middle east spat over oil is beginning...
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Will Stock Market Volatility Give Way To Capitulation?

The S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY) bounced back by 0.80% but the rally faded near the end of the session, which gives the...
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Investors: Watch These 3 Economic Modern Family Sectors!

Today's "daily" column on the stock market is abbreviated due to the death of dear friend last night. With...

Will S&P 500 Peak At Historic Kiss of Resistance?

The economic recovery and ensuing bull market off the 2009 financial crisis lows has been one of the longest in history.
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Are Traders Pricing In A Protracted Trade War? (Stock Market Futures Update)

The stock market has fallen 5 percent in rather short order. The speed of the decline points to a...

The Stock Market’s Pipe Dreams

Midday, after the market had melted down earlier in the day, I read these tweets: BREAKING: Trump says he...
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U.S. Equities Update: Investors Feel the Trade Deal Burn

Volatility returned to the stock market as the United States raised tariffs to 25% on imports entering our country from China as...
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Endava (DAVA): A Hidden Gem in the Digital Transformation Theme

Shares of Endava (NYSE: DAVA) are technically flagging just under new highs. This is...

Stock Market Today: China Trade Tensions Linger

Investors are staring at a sea of red losses in the US stock market on Monday morning as frustrating news headlines continue...

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