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ibb biotech sector etf trading decline price analysis chart september

Why the Biotech Sector Should Come Back First

The market has turned for the worst in recent weeks and continues to fall in a bear market fashion.  Most of our portfolio strategies are...
new york stock exchange nyse index bear market decline lower analysis

NYSE Composite Breakdown Another Warning To Bulls!

The broader stock market has been ravished this year, with several global indices falling into bear markets. And there may be more pain ahead. Today we...
mdy mid cap stocks etf trading important price support chart september 25

Mid Cap Stocks Teetering On Important Price Support!

There are several indicators that investors watch to gauge the health of the market. Some use market breadth indicators, some use relative strength, some...
gold prices decline important up trend line support september investing image

Gold Bulls Don’t Want To See A Breakdown Here!

Inflation is at its highest level in several decades and precious metals bulls are patiently waiting for a big win. Geopolitical concerns are also rising...
corn futures prices rising higher forecast chart

Corn and Wheat Prices Likely To Head Higher Yet

Looking at grocery bills and restaurant bills and it's obvious that food prices have risen dramatically (along side wages). Inflation has been around for several...
fedex warning stock decline economic recession

The Fed’s Soft Landing, FedEx’s distress signal, and the Threat of a Deep Recession

According to the last week’s economic data inflation continues to surprise upside whereas the economy continues to surprise downside. Nevertheless, the recession hasn’t come yet, but the...
slv silver etf trading strength bullish september chart

Is Silver About to Outshine Gold?

With the Fed about to announce its next interest rate change, it's a good time to check out the condition of gold (GLD). After all,...
s&p 500 index elliott wave forecast price low bottom chart image

S&P 500 Index Trading Update: Downside Price Targets

We continue to believe that the S&P 500 Index will undercut the June price low. We think investors should be careful here and not...
dbc commodities trading etf long term price chart elliott wave analysis

Is Commodities ETF $DBC Turning Back Down? (Elliott wave analysis)

Invesco is an investment management company that acquired the Power Shares Capital Management firm in 2004 so that to get access to the exchange-traded...
china etf fxi selloff decline september chart

Is China ETF (FXI) Setting Up for Re-Test of 2009 Low?

The global equities market has been in a tailspin this year. But could it get worse yet? Today we look at a very important piece of...

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