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stock market rally bull standing over bear

DeMark Analysis Points Higher Yet For S&P 500 and Nasdaq

The stock market continues to move higher in the face of a uniquely high amount of economic uncertainty. This...
s&p 500 etf spy decline lower breakdown bearish outlook image october 20

Is the Stock Market Getting Closer to a Big Decline?

The quick answer to that question is that investors need to see more evidence of underlying weakness in the stock market. That...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Swings Up and Down With Stimulus News

Investors continue to get whipped back and forth by U.S. government stimulus talks. The window for passing a bill before the election...
stock market crossroads picture

Is the Stock Market Coming to a Head?

The hope that the stock market held onto coming into the week waned a bit on Monday as government stimulus talks stalled...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: All-Time Highs Within Reach

Investors remain upbeat amidst ongoing uncertainty into the US elections. The major stock market indices are closing in on all-time highs as...
stock market index etfs bullish higher forecast week october 19

These 6 Stock Market ETFs Are Cheering On The Bull Market

In spite of no passing government stimulus, mixed economic data, rising covid cases and a wild pre...
xle energy sector etf trading decline down trend chart image year 2020

Hard-Hit Energy Sector Needs More Than Stimulus Bill

The price of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and related energy stocks have been decimated this year (2020). The trends...
s&p 500 etf spy trading reversal higher bullish analysis october 16

S&P 500 Reversal Higher Important for One Final Rally Hurrah

The broad stock market stemmed a selloff on Thursday, reversing higher and holding onto gains. In particular, the S&P 500 Index INDEXSP:...
stock market double tops bearish pattern october year 2020 chart image

Beware Stock Market Divergence and Double Top Patterns!

Over the past few years, investors have endured some sharp corrections. And while looking at price patterns,...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Small Cap Stocks Buck the Trend

The broad financial market continues to give off bullish signals in the face of uncertainty about the coronavirus, government stimulus, and the...

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