fxy japanese yen etf elliott wave trading forecast chart image year 2019 march 6

Japanese Yen Ready to Break Out of Triangle

The Yen appears to be finished with the consolidation pattern that lasted from 2015 until the end of 2018.

Mid-Week Stock Market Outlook: Investors Eye US Dollar

The S&P 500 had another day of sideways price action, ultimately finishing lower by just 0.11%. All four major...
us dollar index bullish higher price targets year 2019

U.S. Dollar Index Ready To Reverse Higher

The US Dollar pullback has given commodities a boost. However, this bout of Dollar weakness may be coming to...
us dollar currency analysis chart peak top february 2019

Commodities Traders: Is King Dollar Peaking Here?

The US Dollar is closely watched by investors and traders alike... especially those interested in commodities. When King Dollar is strong, it usually acts as...
us dollar index rally testing resistance trend line chart february 14

Gold Bulls Have Fingers Crossed that the Buck Stops Here!

Over the past year the US Dollar has made a comeback, rallying over 10 percent off its February 2018 lows. King Dollar is at a...

Mid-Week Stock Market Outlook: Bulls Bring The Heat

The S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY) rose by 1.29% and retains its strongly bullish intermediate posture. The avoidance of another government shutdown along with a more...

Stock Market Snoozes, But Keep Your Tools Close By

It was a choppy session today, which given where the stock market indices sit on the both the Daily and Weekly charts, makes sense. Choppiness...
euro currency elliott wave chart analysis forecast year 2019

Don’t Expect the Euro to Retrace Much Higher

Consistent with our recent posts about a likely bounce in the U.S. Dollar and a corresponding decline in the British Pound, we believe the Euro...
gold breakout price line us dollar analysis year 2019

Gold Bulls Charge Into Resistance: Different This Time?

Is the nearly 8 year decline in Gold prices coming to an end? That may depend on what Gold does in the days/weeks ahead. Today's chart...
us dollar index decline head and shoulders price pattern bearish_february year 2019

2019 US Dollar Outlook: Technical Analysis, Trends and Seasonality

This article is a collaboration between between Arun Chopra (@FusionPtCapital) and Aaron Jackson (@ATMcharts). Currency sets a tone in asset prices. And since the U.S. Dollar has been so stable,...

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