euro currency decline worry concern emerging markets history chart

Euro Currency Decline Could Hit Emerging Markets (EEM) Hard

The Euro currency is sliding and international markets are taking notice. Of course, this is coming as the US Dollar rallies... and all this means...
russell 2000 index breakout retest support investing news chart

U.S. Equities Bullish Pullback Is Setup For New Highs

We got the pullback we were looking for in the major averages last week. We'll see if last week's lows hold... if not, the pullback...
s&p 500 index price breakout higher bullish analysis chart investing image

U.S. Equities Update: Stretched But Bull Market Carries On

The strength of the U.S. Equity market has been on full display for the past 4-5 weeks. It is now recording some overbought signals...
stock market trading indicators investing research image october 27

Market Outlook: Equity Bulls Remain Resilient

The S&P 500 Index rallied (+0.18%) on Tuesday for the ninth time in the last ten sessions, while hitting a new all-time high. That...
stock market trading forecast image october 13

Stock Market Outlook Mixed, Something’s Gotta Give

The S&P 500 Index fell (-0.24%) for the third straight day on Tuesday, but is still clinging to its weakly bullish posture for now....
uup us dollar etf price reversal lower investing analysis chart image

Weekend Market Update: U.S. Dollar Has Had Its Day

The U.S Dollar chart as represented by UUP, the Invesco DB US Dollar ETF, shows some classic signs of a top. Before I delve deeper...
stock market forecast bearish trading outlook image september

Market Outlook: Stocks Chop While Bitcoin Drops

Tuesday was a bit of an odd day with Bitcoin and Blue Chips selling off, and the NASDAQ Composite closing higher (and achieving a...
bitcoin timing cycles buying selling chart

Are Bitcoin Cycles Pointing To Further Weakness Into 2022?

Bitcoin cycles on weekly charts still point to a good possibility of weakness this year with next Spring being a high probability timeframe when the...
bitcoin price analysis 51000 resistance important chart analysis image

Bitcoin Trying To Clear 51000 On Low Volume, Does It Matter?

Bitcoin continues its rally up with a recent break over the 50K price level. However, many investors are watching for Bitcoin to clear 51K as...
australian dollar aussie currency reversal lower bearish commodities signal analysis image august

Australian Dollar Decline A Bearish Sign For Commodities

When the Australian Dollar "moves", so do commodities. And this time the Australian Dollar "aussie" could be sending a bearish message to commodities. Today's chart...

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