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10 Important Developments for Investors to Watch in September

S&P 500 Index INDEXSP: .INX Price Chart The S&P 500 Index continues to trade...

Why The US Dollar Moves Up?

Perhaps the best way to understand the movement of the US Dollar currency is through the lens of security. 
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US Dollar Index: Calm Before The Storm

Sorry about the blatant outright cliché in the title, but honestly, I just can't think of a better way to describe the...

US Dollar Index Coiling For A Breakout Higher

Good news for US Dollar bulls – we have made a small change to our Elliott wave count for the US Dollar...

There’s A Lot Not Priced Into The Financial Markets

The following article is a part of my Gone Fishing Newsletter that I provide to fishing club members each week to identify macro inflection...
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What the 10 Year US Treasury Note Tells Us About the Stock Market and...

In todays article we will take a look at some clear Elliott wave pattern that we are tracking it on 10 year...
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Canadian Dollar Currency Research: The Long and Short

Our team has spoken at well over 100 client events over the past five years and, by far, the most common question...

Commodities Debate: New Bull Market or Prolonged Bear?

A lot is going on in markets right now with regards to commodities, emerging markets, and in particular - the US dollar.
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Gold Bulls Don’t Want To See Australian Dollar (AUDUSD) Break-Down

When the Australian Dollar (AUDUSD) heads higher, it is good for gold bulls, precious metals investors, and commodities in general.
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U.S. Dollar Seasonality Enters Negative 6 Month Period

These days it seems there's not a lot we can agree on, but I think there's one understanding that's close to universal,...

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