bitcoin timing cycles buying selling chart

Are Bitcoin Cycles Pointing To Further Weakness Into 2022?

Bitcoin cycles on weekly charts still point to a good possibility of weakness this year with next Spring being a high probability timeframe when the...
bitcoin price analysis 51000 resistance important chart analysis image

Bitcoin Trying To Clear 51000 On Low Volume, Does It Matter?

Bitcoin continues its rally up with a recent break over the 50K price level. However, many investors are watching for Bitcoin to clear 51K as...
australian dollar aussie currency reversal lower bearish commodities signal analysis image august

Australian Dollar Decline A Bearish Sign For Commodities

When the Australian Dollar "moves", so do commodities. And this time the Australian Dollar "aussie" could be sending a bearish message to commodities. Today's chart...
stock market trading indicators analysis image august 18

Stock Market Outlook Clouded By Poor Retail Sales Data and Emerging Markets

July Retail Sales data disappointed investors, who sent the stock market down over 1% for much of the day Tuesday. However, a fairly strong...
bitcoin trading forecast 4 scenarios chart image end of year 2021

4 Trading Scenarios For Bitcoin

After remaining rangebound in the 30K-42K range for three months, Bitcoin has now broken that range to the upside. The bearish momentum divergence that has...
fly yen currency etf elliott wave decline forecast analysis august year 2021

Yen ETF (FXY) Nearing Reversal, Currency Set For Further Decline

If the U.S. dollar is poised to regain its upward trend, as we believe, it suggests a bearish trading outlook for the currency pairs...
bitcoin trading low projection this week price analysis image

Bitcoin Price Nearing Important Inflection Point (Trading Low?)

Bitcoin timing cycles are pointing to an inflection point this weekend. And although price cycles originally pointed to that being a trading "high", it...
australian dollar currency trading important breakout chart image july

Australian Dollar Breakout Could Send Gold Toward $3,000

The Australian Dollar currency is trading near a very important resistance level. And the implications are massive... especially for Gold and the precious metals complex. Today's...
us dollar index technical support long term important chart investing news july 2021

Commodities Strength Depends On U.S. Dollar’s Next Move

Inflation pressures are increasing as the economy tries to digest a prolonged period of higher commodity prices. While select commodities have pulled back (and this...
nzdusd new zealand dollar currency trading elliott wave forecast chart july

New Zealand Dollar Approaching Bullish Elliott Wave Support

In this article, I look at New Zealand dollar which is in the process of making what appears to be a bullish retracement /...

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