australian dollar currency trading important breakout chart image july

Australian Dollar Breakout Could Send Gold Toward $3,000

The Australian Dollar currency is trading near a very important resistance level. And the implications are massive... especially for Gold and the precious metals complex. Today's...
us dollar index technical support long term important chart investing news july 2021

Commodities Strength Depends On U.S. Dollar’s Next Move

Inflation pressures are increasing as the economy tries to digest a prolonged period of higher commodity prices. While select commodities have pulled back (and this...
nzdusd new zealand dollar currency trading elliott wave forecast chart july

New Zealand Dollar Approaching Bullish Elliott Wave Support

In this article, I look at New Zealand dollar which is in the process of making what appears to be a bullish retracement /...
stock market warnings indicators peak top image

12 Concerns for Investors Heading Into End of Q2

As the end of June and Q2 approaches, investors should be aware of several technical indicators that are sending warning signals about the major...
s&p 500 index seasonal pattern annual trading chart historical average

Market Seasonality Trends & Historical Insights Across Asset Classes

Many long-term investors are aware of market seasonality trends that can provide tailwinds or headwinds for particular assets. But there are several indicators that...
bitcoin price pattern bearish head shoulders bubble chart analysis news june 9

Bitcoin Head and Shoulders Top? Watch This Support Level!

Last November, we highlighted a cup and handle bullish pattern on Bitcoin that served as a base for a big rally. All together, Bitcoin...
bitcoin price forecast cycles chart volatility year 2021

Bitcoin Cycles Point To More Volatility In Weeks Ahead

Bitcoin has been all over in the headlines, following last week's nosedive and ensuing volatility. Last weekend, I shared my concerns about bitcoin over...
fxe euro currency etf elliott wave forecast lower chart year 2021

Is The Euro Currency Nearing A Big Decline?

The Euro's rally in recent weeks has reached an area of possible reversal. Here we examine the prospects for a resumed decline in the...
traders investors watching financial markets

8 Key Areas Investors Should Be Watching In May

The broader stock market continues to battle divergences in what appears to be a tale of two markets. That said, the laggards (Nasdaq Composite and...
us dollar weakness correlation to commodities prices chart image news april 29

Commodity Bulls Riding High On US Dollar Weakness

A weaker US Dollar is a good thing for assets like commodities. So it shouldn't be any surprise that commodities have been very strong...

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