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Here’s What A Stronger US Dollar Currency Means For Financial Markets

One of the key investment themes of 2020 has been the rotation from a stronger US Dollar environment to a weaker Dollar...
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U.S. Dollar Could Strengthen In This Bullish Elliott Wave Scenario

In the weeks since our July post about the Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund NYSEARCA: UUP, price has pushed through initial Elliott...
gold to us dollar ratio reversal lower concern bearish precious metals chart august 20

Is The Gold Rally Stalling Out In August?

Gold / US Dollar Ratio "monthly" Chart Gold has been a peak asset performer...
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The 2020 Gold Rush and What’s Next for the US Dollar

The price of gold, and gold-related equities, have enjoyed a very strong run over the past few quarters. This...
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3 Major Investing Themes for the Rest of August

Today I want to highlight 3 major stock market and investing themes to watch this month (August). Many will...
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Is the US Dollar Nearing Bottom? Or Is It Different This Time?

US Dollar Index "weekly" Currency Chart The U.S. Dollar ran into a perfect storm...
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The Financial Markets Are Sending Confounding Messages Amid COVID Pandemic

On December 11, 1990, at about 9:10 am on a stretch of Interstate 75 between Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee, a fog so...
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Are Key Global Currencies Setting Up For Major Trend Changes?

The past several weeks have seen the US Dollar decline sharply and the Euro and Aussie Dollar rally. These...
us dollar index etf elliott wave forecast higher long term outlook analysis chart through year 2023

US Dollar Elliott Wave Forecast: Important Crossroads Ahead

Our overall bullish analysis of the U.S. Dollar Index has met with success for several years running. Now,...
gold to us dollars price analysis breakout higher bullish precious metals investing chart july

Gold / Dollar Ratio Sending Bullish Message To Gold Bugs!

Gold to US Dollar Ratio "monthly" Chart It's been a good year for gold...

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