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Bonds Run Out Of Gas; TLT Caught In Limbo

In the past five weeks, all things in the world of bonds have done a lot of running... but on the treadmill. The popular bond...
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Treasury Bonds, Yields May See Major Reversal In December

US Treasury bonds appear to be on track for higher prices into the end of the year, but the final stretch promises to be...
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Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) Nearing Upside Trading Targets

It's been a wild ride for US Treasuries this year. After a big rally that sent the 20+ Year US Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) to...
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The Rotation Report: Markets On The Move

As soon as the markets kicked off on Monday, the Greece contagion scenario came off the table. And immediately the markets were off to...
global technology

The Rotation Report: Global Markets Get Interesting… And Fast

It is worth keeping in mind how the last two weeks have played out in the global markets. In this week's SIM Linkfest "Top...
rising interest rates

Golden Cross On The 10 Year Yield: Should Investors Care?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the direction of interest rates at the moment. I suppose that has been true for the last...
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Are Cyclicals Back? 5 Market Signals To Watch This Summer

Over the last six months, the stock market has traded in a long boring side-ways wave. But signals are there that things should begin to...
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Time To Look For A Reversal In Treasury Yields

In our May 8 post, we suggested that the rise in treasury yields would be short-lived, and that the resumption of a downward trend...
stock market uptrend

The Rotation Report: It’s A Stock Pickers Market

The S&P 500 appears to be confirming a false breakout as it starts to pull back off a major Fibonacci extension level mentioned here before....
treasury bonds risk

Are Treasury Bonds Problems Just Getting Started?

The treasury bonds market has experienced an uptick in volatility as investors try to figure out the dynamic between global interest rates, currencies, and economic growth....

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