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stock market volatility

Volatility Nearing Multi-Year Lows: Signs Of Complacency?

It is difficult not to notice that volatility is getting crushed today. The Volatility Index (VIX) is nearing multi-year lows, which is in line...
investment leverage roi

Market Masters: The Case For Using Investment Leverage

by Raj Dhaliwal     The word “leverage”, more now than even before the 2007 -2008 financial crisis, has a worse reputation than practically...

When Stock Market Volatility Will Return (And What It’ll Look Like)

What is the S&P 500's best single-day performance of 2014, year-to-date? +1.55% or + 28.7 points to 1873.91 on March 4, presumably sparked by...
japanese markets

Are Japanese Markets Signaling Risk Off?

If there's any developed market evocative of the shift in tone between 2013 and 2014, it's Japanese Equities. After a blistering 57% rise (it's...
gold bulls vs bears

Gold Prices Coiling: Wait For Resolution

After a tradable breakout above $1275, Gold prices ran back up to $1390 before retreating.  But that retreat turned into a quick tumble, as Gold...
stock chart, technical analysis

Wheat Futures Lower On Harmonic Pattern Sell Signal

When doing technical research, we all have some version of a "holy grail" trading setup in our minds. For me, that setup came together...
trading stocks

Market Masters: Random Distribution And The Development Of A Belief System

by David Blair There is a random distribution among winners and losers on any given set of variables defined as an edge. Like most any pursuit...
trading stocks

Celgene (CELG) At Technical Crossroads

Despite the excitement surrounding the S&P 500 briefly touching all-time highs on Monday, the market has yet to demonstrate proper follow-thru or confirmation that...
us treasury savings bond

Lessons of QE: US Treasury Rally May Just Be Getting Started

When "sure thing" trades turn into pervasive market memes, even with careful curation of media and opinion it can be difficult to see through...
patiently waiting on a bench

Awaiting Confirmation: ‘Less Is More’ In Messy Market

I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but the market is still messy.  Yes, even at all-time highs.  And, to make matters...

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