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Dow Theory Confirmation: Weak Signal or Consolidation?

Despite the new high in the Dow Jones Transportation Average made on 7/18/2013, the transports seem to be stalling out at current levels. So,...
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AAPL Technical Support: Double Bottom or Another Whoosh?

Let's take a quick look at some macro AAPL technical support levels. As Apple's (AAPL) stock price holds just above its recent lows, many investors...
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BBRY and HLF Stock Chart Analysis

The projection that the uptrend, which began in late November, would begin to stall by late March/ mid-April resulted in a mere pullback. By...
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Stocks Set to Bounce: Backtest, Retest, or New Highs?

With stocks set to open higher by nearly 1 percent, the bulls are on parade again. This gap higher will likely offset a good...
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Emerging Markets Update: Key Levels to Watch

After ending 2012 in style, the Emerging Markets lost steam and began a multi week pullback to its trend line. In fact, in early...

INTC Stock Analysis: Here’s to Rounded Bottoms

After slipping out of a megaphone top last spring, Intel Corp (INTC) stock price slipped roughly 30 percent before bottoming in November. That bottom...
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Blackberry BBRY Technical Analysis and Trading Setup

By Andrew Nyquist     Watching Blackberry (BBRY) stock slow motion car crash over the past five years or so brought about many "do I try to...
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AMZN Technical Support Update: Lines in the Sand After Earnings

By Andrew Nyquist     After peaking in January, Amazon (AMZN) has spent the better part of the past few months rangebound ($250 - $275). But...
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AAPL Support and Resistance Levels Into Apple’s 2Q Earnings Report

By Andrew Nyquist     Momentarily, we will all be enlightened with insight into Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) business as they report their 2Q Earnings after the...
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Russell 2000: Breaking Out Back to the Highs?

By Andrew Kassen Yesterday afternoon I posted a quick hit examining the 3-month consolidation on Russell 2000 that is - just maybe - a...

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