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uso crude oil united states etf trading price bullish triangle pattern chart image

Is Crude Oil Gearing Up for a Big Move?

The country has been under pressure from rising gas prices for months.  Even before the Ukraine war, gas was steadily increasing. While the U.S continues to...
energy stocks etf xop trading top price resistance chart may 9

Game Over For Energy Stocks? Important Tests For $XOP and $OIH

There haven't been many places to hide during this year's stock market correction (bear market?). And one of the last hiding places could be in...
crude oil price magnet 105 dollars important inflection point trading chart image month may

Crude Oil’s Next Big Move Hinges on Key Resistance Level!

Rising oil prices have been the face of inflation, as everyone sees (and feels) the pain at the gas pump. So what's next for crude...
natural gas etf png breakout higher price targets chart month may

Natural Gas (UNG) Explodes Higher, Eyes Overhead Price Target

Inflation is felt the most with food and energy. Today we look at the latter, focusing on rising natural gas prices. In particular, we look...
commodities index rally higher breakout tailwind australian dollar chart year 2022

Commodities Index Ready To Break Out? Watch Australian Dollar!

In the commodity-currency correlation department, commodity bulls know that a strong Australian Dollar is a tailwind for commodities. Today, we look at both - The...
stock market bullish buy signals indicators image

Stock Market Outlook Brightens on Persistent Buying

The S&P 500 rallied 1.61% and proved out the theory that the day after the tax filing deadline has tended to be more bullish...
crude oil trading triangle price formation chart april 14

Crude Oil Nearing Inflection Point: Watch This Triangle!

Inflation concerns turned into nightmares for some over the past several weeks as crude oil prices rocketed higher on the heals of overseas tensions,...
crude oil price reversal lower bear market month march chart

Crude Oil Surges Into March, Ends Month In Bear Market!

This is not an April Fools day joke! After surging into the front end of March, crude oil reversed course and headed lower by...
crude oil futures trading higher price targets analysis chart image march 30

Crude Oil Reverses Higher Once More – What To Watch

The near-term targets in WTI Crude Oil were hit, and traders got a pullback to buy into. Now is where things get tricky. The latest bullish...
uso oil fund etf trading reversal chart march 30

What To Make Of Commodities Reversals

Tuesday, many commodity ETFs gapped lower while the major indices gapped up. Additionally, the Russell 2000 (IWM) finally cleared its pivotal price level at $209. However,...

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