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Investing Strategy 101: It Pays To Follow Your Process!

One of the earliest recollections from my start in the industry was an investing strategy founded by Michael O’Higgins called the ‘Dogs of the Dow’....
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Insights Into Investing Through Financial Bubbles and Elevators

Financial Bubbles and Elevators Volumes have been written on behavioral finance and the seemingly “irrational” decisions investors tend to make to avoid straying from the herd....
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Investor Skepticism Fuels Bearish Climate For Stocks In 2016

Investor skepticism is something that we hear about often in the stock market. More importantly, we feel it deep in our core. It is usually...

Book Review: Steve Burns “The Most Helpful Traders On Twitter”

I've followed Steve Burns for the past few years and feel fortunate to include some of his work here on See It Market. Steve's...
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SHORT-TERMism: Algos, ETF’s And Investor Performance

This post came over via Shane Obata and was written by Craig Basinger, Richardson GMP’s Chief Investment Officer. “The stock market is a device for...
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The Importance Of Mental Flexibility In Trading

Possessing mental flexibility is essential for any trader, but it is especially important for short-term traders who constantly have to reevaluate the merits of...
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Why You Shouldn’t Let Market Bottoms Consume You

Calling for a market bottom is the new rage. But, truth be told, what feels cool is often a very dangerous thing to do...
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Investors: Beware The Certainty Trap

Data availability is something of a double-edged sword in today’s financial markets. On the one hand, we now have a nearly unlimited supply of...
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The Art Of Trading And The Illusion Of Control

I’ve written and said many times before that simplicity is a good thing—if you have a trading methodology that is overly complex, there’s a...
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Top Trading Links: Some BadAss Investing Research

As market volatility picks up, it’s become increasingly clear to all of us that our mind plays tricks on itself. It’s a major reason...

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