Book Review: Steve Burns “The Most Helpful Traders On Twitter”

I’ve followed Steve Burns for the past few years and feel fortunate to include some of his work here on See It Market. Steve’s focus is on trading and helping traders understand who they are as traders and how they can become better traders. His readers and followers range from new traders to professional traders and everyone enjoys Steve’s insights and knowledge of the profession of trading.

Trading is hard. It takes discipline. It takes endurance. It takes a system. And it takes heart… a lot of it.


The Most Helpful Traders On Twitter” by Steve Burns & Holly Burns

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Steve’s new book “The Most Helpful Traders On Twitter” includes a list of 30 traders that readers voted for last year on his website – New Trader U.

I am honored to be among the 30 focused, high level traders in the book. Other See It Market contributors in the book include:

There are several other great traders listed in the book, including Brian Shannon (@AlphaTrends), Al Sabogal (@Alsabogal), Jon Boorman (@JBoorman), Scott Redler (@RedDogT3), Assad Tannous (@AsennaWealth), @NorthmanTrader, and @SunriseTrader (just to name a few…).  Here’s a image showing the entire list of “helpful traders”:

30 helpful traders book list
courtesy of Steve Burns

So what separates the book from other lists and #FF’s on Twitter?

There is a Q & A with every trader lasting roughly 4 to 5 pages each. This allows you to better understand the time frames of each trader, how they approach trading, and what tools they use. This is also a great starting point for traders of any level as they get set up on Twitter.

Lastly, each trader has taken the time on Twitter to share their trades, their research, their style, and/or their approach with the broader community. And this adds value for everyone.

Here is a small sampling of the questions that we answer in the book:

  • Which markets or instruments do you trade?
  • What type of trader do you consider yourself?
  • What technical indicators do you use?
  • What lessons have the markets taught you about yourself?
  • What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of trading?

As I said, this is a good starting point… there are a lot of great traders out there, several more that write here on See It Market. Check the book out.

*Please note that I am not receiving any benefits, affiliate fees, or compensation for writing this post.  Best to all of you in your trading and investing pursuits.


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