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Silent Running: How the Dow Transports Outperform

By Andrew Kassen The Dow Transports outperform; but just don't get much play. Once referred to simply as the "Rails" because of the historic prevalence...
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US Dollar Strength Having Little Effect on US Equities Thus Far

By Andrew Nyquist     February was an interesting month for the US Dollar and US Equities (S&P 500). When pitting the two against each other...
extreme market readings

Extreme Market Readings Point to February Caution

By Sheldon McIntyre As of Friday's closing price, the S&P 500 was 24% above it's 200 week moving average. This caught my attention, as it comes...
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Market Update: Expect Near-Term Turbulence

By Andrew Nyquist It's January and the "off-to-the-races" theme is in full effect again. Similar to last year, the S&P 500 has exploded higher and left...
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Market Update: Technical Levels to Watch

By Andrew Nyquist I was hoping to do a more elaborate market update, but time got away from me. So I'll have to be short and...
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S&P 500 Rally Levels to Watch

By Andrew Nyquist A couple weeks back, the financial markets appeared to be on the cusp of a breakout. But follow through was nigh, and the...
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Emerging Markets (EEM) Bulls Looking For Consolidation

By Andrew Nyquist The price action in Emerging Markets (EEM) has many investors excited about the broader market prospects, for when high beta sectors (i.e. emerging...
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Financial Sector Leadership? Key Price Levels to Watch

By Andrew Nyquist Considering all the fiscal cliff dramatics, it's amazing to think that the Financial Sector (XLF) has been one of the best performing sectors...
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Market Indices Breaking Out, Follow Through Key

By Andrew Nyquist Of the 3 major market indices, the S&P 500 is showing the most strength, breaking out above the downtrend line and closing on...
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Nasdaq 100 Symmetry: Potential for Several More Weeks Consolidation

By Brad Tompkins Back in September, I wrote a piece detailing the difficult trading period we experienced following the sharp drop last summer (Read: Technical Patterning...

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