Evan Medeiros

Evan Medeiros
Evan Medeiros is a self-taught professional trader. His trading journey started in 2009 when he left behind a successful online poker venture to pursue a career in the stock market. Blending a systematic mindset developed from his degree in computer science with the discretionary decision-making acquired from poker, he’s backtested and experimented with a wide array of trading strategies that has built the foundation for how he navigates the market. Present day, Evan is an end of day swing trader who specializes in momentum and trading breakouts across multiple timeframes. His typical trades last anywhere from just a few days all the way up to several months, depending on the timeframe and market’s cooperation. Evan manages money for family and friends, and founded The Trade Risk in 2012 to teach traders how to make money in the stock market. Evan focuses most of his time at The Trade Risk, where he publishes timely trading ideas, market analysis, a free newsletter, as well as supports members of his premium membership. Outside of the markets, you can usually find Evan at a local coffee shop, walking his black lab/golden retriever pup through the neighborhood, or attempting some yoga in the secrecy of his home.

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