Stock Market Analysis: Surging Volume, Rising Rates, and Trading Setups

Wow, what a week in the financial markets. Interest rates spook pushed volume higher and tech stocks reversed higher out of its recent swoon.

Lots of action to recap, discuss, and several trading ideas to share! Here are my top takeaways for in this week’s video analysis:

– Narratives and correlations that are driving the market right now continue to be rising yields pressuring Nasdaq and rallying dollar pressuring metals (attached image: correlations) 

– Highest volume week for many markets/stocks since pandemic started last year

– Lots of high volume outside reversals formed Friday from oversold levels

– Underlying breadth continues to be very supportive (see image image below)

The Trade Risk Weekly Video – March 6, 2021

Additional chart images:

trading risk correlations chart analysis assets _ month march year 2021
cumulative nyse new highs lows chart week ending march 5

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