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Is Apple (AAPL) Ready To Break Out Of Its Consolidation?

I tend to cover Apple's stock about once or twice a month. Not because I am an Apple (AAPL)  stock fanatic, but because AAPL has a...
silver bars

Will Silver Prices Hit New Lows In 2015?

There's been quite a bit of volatility with Silver prices. After a nice rally into early 2015, the past 2 weeks has ushered in...
wheat fields

Wheat Chart: Prices Near Important Long-Term Trend Line

The Grains sector was hit hard by a stronger US Dollar and oversupply concerns last year, but reversed higher late in the year. This raised...
investing in weak stock market - small caps risk

Will Weakness In Banking Sector Continue To Hurt Bank Stocks?

The banking sector has really underperformed in 2015. And there may be more weakness ahead for bank stocks. Why? Even though the Bank Index (BKX) has...
crude oil drop

Oil Price Volatility: “That’s Just Crude Being Crude”

Late January saw Crude Oil briefly dip to new lows, likely scaring out several already weak hands and another handful of bottom traders. That set the...

Why Sony Stock (SNE) Could Be In For A Banner 2015

This morning Sony (SNE) upped their 2015 guidance and the stock is reacting positively pre-market, trading over $25 per share at the time of this writing....
financial markets investing

Global Roundup: Will European Equities Lead US Markets Higher?

Bonds continue to show leadership, but European equities are also perking up and outperforming U.S. equities in early 2015. Can European equities lead global markets...
corn combine harvest

Grain Sector Insights: Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat Rally

The grain sector is trading higher today, with Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat all finding a bid. Many media outlets are reporting it as "bargain...
volatile stock market

Financial Markets Scoreboard: A 1 Month Review

The Seattle Seahawks had victory within their grasp. With only seconds left in the game, they were on the 1-yard line. If they scored...
oil rig platform - crude energy

United States Oil ETF (USO) Short Covering Rally Continues

Friday's 8 percent rally in oil prices was an exhibit in short covering. The rally only amounted to a few bucks higher in Crude...

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