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dow theory

Volatility Index (VIX) Likely To Settle Dow Theory Debate

Much has been written about the severe underperformance of the Dow Jones Transports and select transportation stocks (vs the broader market). Is Dow Theory at play...
stock market uptrend

The Rotation Report: It’s A Stock Pickers Market

The S&P 500 appears to be confirming a false breakout as it starts to pull back off a major Fibonacci extension level mentioned here before....
market trends

ETF Trends Review: Markets Balancing Higher Interest Rates [VIDEO]

Another month is upon us so it's a good time to check in on what's been happening in the ETF space of the markets. In...
investors stock market chart

Stock Market Breadth Indicators Still Showing Weakness

Over the past several weeks, market breadth indicators have largely been neutral to weak. The one saving grace had been that the NYSE Composite...
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Stocks Vulnerable As Market Momentum Wanes

Waning Macro Market Momentum Indicates It Is Time To Row, Not Sail From October 17 – November 28, 2014 the S&P 500 closed 29 consecutive...
investing risks

Nasdaq And Russell 2000 Sending Warning Sign To Equity Bulls

Following our recent post about divergence between the German DAX and the S&P 500 Index, here we will examine another case of intermarket divergence...
global financial markets

Are Traders Leaving International Markets in Favor of the U.S.?

One of the major themes that kicked off 2015 was the shift from domestic equities to international. Many try to explain the shift as...
bullish stock market

The Rotation Report: Bulls And Bears Face Off At Key Level For Stocks

The switch has flipped. Bulls are struggling to figure out what they are bullish about, while bears know exactly what they are bearish about. That...
up and down stock chart

Intermarket Divergences Highlight Risks For Equity Bulls

When major stock market indices begin following different paths, they can sometimes warn of turbulence ahead. This month, two high-profile U.S. stock indices rallied...
stock market risks rising

Stock Market Bulls At Critical Juncture; Watch VIX Volatility Index

Bulls 1, Bears 1. Thus reads the scorecard so far this week. Clearly, stock market bulls have work to do if they want to keep...

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