Are Bank Stocks Sending Bullish Message To Investors?

Just as the health of the banking sector is a big deal to the economy, it’s equally important to the S&P 500 (SPY) and broader stock market.

Although the bull market has grinding higher, it’s awaiting confirmation from the banks and banks stocks.

Today’s chart is of the S&P 500 Bank ETF (KBE) and shows how the banks are at an important juncture in time and price.

KBE (the bank ETF) is testing the upper end of a falling channel, offering bulls an opportunity for a breakout – see point (2).

The banks were at a similar juncture nearly 3 years ago at point (1), before breaking out and leading the bull market higher.

KBE would send a bullish message to the market if it breaks out at point (2). Stay tuned!

$KBE – S&P 500 Bank ETF “daily” Chart

s&p 500 bank index etf trading breakout bullish stock market investing image - december 6

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