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S&P 500 Futures Decline As Market Tests January Lows

Roiling markets around the world are once again disrupting the equity futures market. And China woes have helped to propel S&P 500 futures into...
consumer staples relative strength ratio chart xlp nyse february 11

Market Update: Consumer Staples Relative Strength Nears Extreme

As the stock market has continued its move lower, one chart has proved helpful as a warning (and an indicator) to investors. That is the...
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Stock Market Futures Push Higher; Traders Await Yellen

A positive divergence eventually showed up in price action overnight as stock market futures jumped higher. The S&P 500 futures rose into resistance levels around...
traders analyzing trading screen

S&P 500 Futures Trading In Jagged Range: Decision Time

S&P 500 futures trading in a jagged range. On Monday, S&P 500 futures drifted into deeper support again before bouncing off a key level...

Central Banks To The World: Respect Our Stimuli!

January may go down as the month Mr. Market refused to “Respect Our Stimuli” and started the stroll towards price discovery. Efforts by the...
stock chart trading stocks

Stock Market Futures Lower In Downside Continuation

Stock market futures are trading sharply lower this morning. A cascade of selling on Friday continued after the break of the 1902 contested levels....
stock market bear football

Stock Market Bears Driving Deep into Bulls Territory

Once again, the bears have the ball, 1st and goal from the 1 yard line. And, yes, we've seen this quite a bit in recent...
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This Isn’t The Stock Market You Imagined: Welcome To 2016

As they say, history often rhymes... But it rarely repeats. Or at least in the way that we imagine. That's not to say that looking...
sp 500 futures chart technical price levels trading february 5

S&P 500 Futures Clinging To Key Support; Battle Lines Drawn

Yesterday was an aggressive day of range-bound trading that left traders battling at lines of major congestion between 1902 – 1907 on S&P 500 futures. With...
euro currency chart vs us dollar

Euro Currency Breakout Has Major Implications For Markets

For much of the past several months, the Euro has been trading in the gutter. It was written off for dead and King Dollar...

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