The Best Of See It Market – February 2014

thumbs upInvestors dedicated most of the month of February to offsetting January’s equities drubbing. It seems that bearish sentiment has been sensitive and tends to elevate a bit to quickly on pullbacks. Thus, the bulls continue to climb the wall of worry…

During the month, See It Market put out some prescient research and analysis. Early February articles such as Andrew Kassen’s Pullback Over: Signs A Market Rally Is Building and Korey Bauer’s Market Correction Over? Ask Crude Oil provided key insights on the coming February stock market rally. As well, Sheldon McIntyre produced some high level education for aspiring and professional traders with his reading list for traders and his post on using weekly charts. As well, Robert Lesnicki offered a great list of stocks with positive seasonality and I produced plenty of technical chart and educational thoughts. Hope you all found the content easy to read and more importantly, beneficial to your active investing regimen.

Okay, let’s get on with it. It’s time to reflect on the best blogs for the month of February in the latest installment of The Best of See It Market. As always, thank you for your readership and support.

            THE BEST OF SEE IT MARKET – February 2014

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Using Weekly Charts To Gain A Tactical Trading Advantage  by Sheldon McIntyre

Bioshock: Why Biotech Bubble Fears Are On Solid Ground  by Andrew Kassen

Investor Psychology: Focus On Consistency  by Andrew Nyquist

SPX Cycle Update: What’s Next For Mr. Market?  by Alex Bernal

1929 Crash Disaster Tourism  by Andrew Kassen

May 2014: Why European Elections Could Trigger Global Equities Correction  by Alex Salomon

Price Surge: The Rise Of Soft Commodities In Early 2014  by David Fabian

Stock Market Correction Over? Ask Crude Oil  by Korey Bauer

A Comprehensive Reading List For Professional Traders  by Sheldon McIntyre

February Seasonality: Which Stocks Tend To Outperform?  by Robert Lesnicki

Crude Oil Set To Rally Past $100 Price Level  by Andrew Nyquist



Pullback Over?  Signs A Market Rally Is Building  by Andrew Kassen

Charting The Gold & Silver Price Breakouts  by Andrew Nyquist

Retail Underperformance Continues: How Long Until It Matters Again?  by Robert Lesnicki

AAPL Chart Update: Falling Apples, Fibs, and Trend Lines  by Andrew Nyquist

EUR/USD Pushes Higher Toward Major Technical Decision  by Andrew Kassen


Thanks for reading.  Look for another installment of The Best of See It Market next month.

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