SPX Cycle Update: What’s Next For Mr. Market?

market cyclesWith emotions running high I wanted to give a SPX cycle update. Keeping it consistent from how I described my method in previous articles, I have attached the scan output table so you can all see my findings. As you can see in the chart our spx cycle composite is showing a major low swing that should stabilize within the next week or two. I expect the next upswing to last into April where we have tremendous astrological activity: 2 Eclipses and a Grand Cross.

SPX Cycle Data

spx cycle data_february 2014

SPX Cycle Chart

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spx cycle analysis chart

In addition I have isolated the top 5 statisiticly significant cycles on the VIX (independently calcluated from SPX). This also suggests a cycle high this week and a low in early april.

VIX Cycle Chart

vix cycle analysis chart

Charts and data created from whentotrade.com cycles & genetic algorithm platform.

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