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us dollar bull vs bear

Chart Of The Day: US Dollar Strength Slows Emerging Markets

By now, most market participants have taken note of the US Dollar rally. In the early stages of the rally, it was simply a slow...
european union flag

European Stocks & ETFs Underperformance In Focus

European stocks and ETFs have experienced a difficult summer amid a faltering currency and European Central Bank that has been scrambling to implement looser...

S&P 500: Magnet at 2000 Setting Stage For Volatility Breakout

Despite - or rather, because of - Tuesday's pop, a widely followed measure of volatility on the S&P 500 just printed it's lowest value...
stock chart analysis

Nasdaq 100 Breakout: Watch That Retest

Over the past few months, I've written several pieces on the Nasdaq 100's outperformance and leadership position. And just last month, I wrote about the...
market news

Traders: Stay Focused, Tune Out The Noise

No doubt, the tension on the tape is real. Stocks are attempting to consolidate near the highs (some indices better than others) with the...

WTI Crude Oil Traders: Time To Consider Covering Shorts

On August 15th, I wrote a post for See It Market about waiting for a bounce in WTI Crude Oil Futures (or related exchange traded products)...
twitter stock

Twitter (TWTR) Strong On Debt Offering; Key Fibs Loom

Last week, Twitter (TWTR) announced that it had raised $1.8 Billion in a convertible note offering. This sent the stock higher and gave it...
us dollar sign

Is The US Dollar Setting Up For Another Move Higher?

The US Dollar has the attention of the global financial markets, especially the commodities sector. Just check out the action in Grains, Oil, and...
apple store

AAPL Announcement: iPhone 6, Apple Watch Priced Into Stock?

As with all Apple (AAPL) announcements and new product launches, the hype and speculation was at fever pitch heading into the September 9 unveiling...
rsi market divergence

Trouble Ahead For Canadian Stocks?

While Canadian stocks have been setting new highs, it appears some headwinds may be approaching for our northern neighbor. If we were to look...

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