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December Stock Market Report and Economic Update

By Greg Naylor December was an uneventful month, as markets anxiously awaited resolution of the ‘fiscal cliff.’  The last week of December saw markets end the...
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A Roadmap for Responsible Government Spending

By Max Moore I recently started reading Santayana’s Curse by Sean Corrigan (of Diapason Commodities). In a few words, the book recounts various monetary pursuits over...

Special Interests and Political MisAdventures of the 21st Century

By Andrew Nyquist Let’s just come out and state the obvious: it’s nearly impossible to trust that the current political system has the conviction necessary to...
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November Financial Market Report and Economic Update

By Greg Naylor November was an eventful month, as the U.S. elections upheld the status quo in the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.  Markets...

Not So Far East: Consumer Driven Economy to Lift Southeast Asia

By Jeff Wilson Thank you for returning to Part 2 of our 3 part series on Southeast Asia. We spent most of Part 1 (“A Macro...
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Minyan Magic: Scenes from Festivus 2012

By Andrew Nyquist This year was finally my time! You see, for the past three years, I have longed to make the trek to New York...
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Not So Far East: A Macro Economic Look at Southeast Asia

By Jeff Wilson After a terrific article by Alex Salomon on the deep-seeded cultural and economic issues facing France, I would like to take you to...
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The Biggest Risk to Apple’s Consumer Products Empire

By Ross Heart A few weeks back I mentioned to See It Market founder Andy Nyquist that I was working on a post detailing the #1...
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October Market Report and Economic Update

By Greg Naylor October was an uneventful month for major economic news, although Superstorm Sandy closed the NYSE for two days.  This was the first...
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Francestein: The Next European Shoe to Drop

By Alex Salomon AFTER GREXIT & SPAIN COMES THE “FRANCESTEIN” FRENCH MONSTER Those who follow me on Twitter @Alex__Salomon know that I have been brewing an article...

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