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The Best of See It Market – August

August was an eventful month. From breaking news on a potential war in Syria, to speculation on tapering, the market was a bit more...
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Using a VIX Call Spread as a Downside Hedge

I would like to discuss today another way to hedge your equity portfolio against a major move lower, albeit perhaps indirectly. And we can...
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Weakness in Retail Stocks Flying Under the Radar

The price action in the retail sector has been tricky of late. Many retail stocks have stalled, or pulled back, while some have fallen...
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Bank Stocks Nearing Important Trend Line Support

After surging 20 percent above its 200 day moving average, the Bank Index (BKX) spent much of August in pain. The index alone fell...
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The Conclusion to The Equity Risk Premium Series

From a review of the Literature on the Equity Risk Premium it becomes apparent that there is little consensus on the historical value, what...
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Options Education: The Short Strangle Options Strategy

I really don’t like being naked short options as a rule. The prospect of potentially unlimited risk would keep me up at night. But...
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The Oil Paradox: Crude Oil Prices Nearing Crossroads

The oil paradox is simply when demand confirms recovery early in a bull market cycle and prices continue rising until outsized input costs later...

Influences on the Prospective Equity Risk Premium

From the examples we have looked at in previous articles it is apparent that there are a number of factors which significantly affect the...
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Options Education: An All Options Covered Write

The all options covered write strategy is also known as a leveraged covered call. In fact, back on the old trading floor we used to call...
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Housing Market Booming, But New Home Construction In Trouble

On July 27th, the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Investor section advised home buyers with the headline: “How to Win a Bidding War.” When newspapers...

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