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Chartology: Silver Bulls Hoping 20 Week MA Holds

By Andrew Nyquist The past few weeks have definitely been heavy for Silver (SLV). Since hitting the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement level, silver has been hit...
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Forecasting the S&P 500 from GDP Data and What It’s Telling Us Now

By Brad Tompkins Last week the commerce department released their estimate of 2012 third quarter’s GDP growth rate. The preliminary 2.0% growth was better than 1.3%...

Global Obesity Trends Offer Investment Opportunity

As an active, but long term investor I believe identifying long term investment themes is a key element to success. One long term trend...
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S&P 500 Support Levels to Focus On

By Andrew Nyquist It been a chop and drop, grind lower type of market. And for traders, that's tough... especially those trying to enter swing long...
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Market Update: Where’s the Love?

By Andrew Nyquist The past six weeks have been an interesting ride full of crosscurrents and cautionary tales in the financial markets. Rewind to the week of...
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Letting Your Winners Run: The Disciplined Art of “Sitting”

By Ross Heart “Let your winners run.” Guessing you have heard that one a few times. Easy in thought and words, but perhaps the hardest investment...
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Chartology: Intel (INTC) May Be Nearing “Tradable” Value

By Andrew Nyquist Without a doubt, technology stocks have been leading the market lower of late. And within the technology arena, semiconductors have been particularly weak....

Macro Technical Update on Silver

By Andrew Nyquist Due to time constraints this morning, I'm going to keep this a bit short and let the charts speak for themselves. In summary,...
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Options Strategies for Earnings Season

By Jeff Wilson In the previous post I talked about supplementing stock positions with options as part of a hedging strategy. In this article, I will...
investing chart, good investments, going higher, up arrow, investing performance, growth, success

Trading Ideas for the Week Ahead: October 15

By Alex Salomon Ever since I went "all in" bearish in my trading column on October 1, 2012, it has been challenging to offer weekly setups....

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