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Price Patterns Imply Silver ETF (SLV) Price Bottom Is Near

With the US Dollar Index ready for another modest corrective swing downward, this is the time to look for bullish trade entries with precious...
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Gold Prices Oversold But In Need Of Market Catalyst

Gold bugs should be wishing the U.S. government begins to run larger deficits. There are tons of reasons why Gold prices have been languishing since...
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Gold Bulls Let Down Again In Precious Metals Latest Slide

For the last 2 or 3 years, Gold bulls have gotten their hopes up, only to be let down time and time again. In short,...
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Commodity-Related Stocks and ETFs Surge As Dollar Slumps

January through much of September witnessed significant weakness in emerging markets (EEM) and essentially anything resource and commodities-related. Steel companies (SLX), the Gold miners (GDX), and...
gold bull vs bear

The Gold Rally (GLD): Price Targets And Trading Considerations

The past two months have seen the precious metals sector begin a choppy bounce higher. Several well followed traders have spoke of Gold's promise, but success...
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Market Outlook: Are Bond Bulls Ready To Run Higher?

In last week’s market outlook (“Stalemate“) I speculated about the potential danger of the market getting what it wanted from the Fed, namely no...
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After Historic Decline, Silver Prices Rally Off Key Support

Since the spring of 2011, Silver prices have been mired in a persistent decline. Every rally has been sold and subsequent selloffs have been...
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Gold Miners Get Strong Signal With Friday’s Reversal

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the junior gold miners and their MASSIVE recent false breakdowns. Friday, we saw an attempted sell-off below key...
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Silver Rebounding After Hitting Price Target

It's been a while since I revisited the precious metals market and, more specifically, looked at Silver. As most of you are aware, precious...
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Gold (GLD): Will Central Banks Be Able To Move The Metal?

Gold continues to act as if it expects a hike as soon as this month. The FOMC meets on the 16th-17th. On Friday, post-August...

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