junk bonds etf jnk bullish reversal higher stock market indicator chart

Junk Bonds Reversal Would Be Bullish For Stocks!

With yields trading at elevated levels and stocks trading at depressed levels, it makes sense that junk bonds are not faring well this year. BUT...

MBS, Convexity Vortex, and a Silver Lining For Bonds

Many investors fail to understand the nuances and complexities of Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS). As a result, few can appreciate institutional MBS investors’ role in...
copper gold prices ratio 10 year treasury bond yield spread chart

Copper/Gold Ratio Says Bond Yields Rally Overdone

The price of copper to gold has been a correlation that has followed 10-Year US Treasury bond yields (in trend) fairly closely. This correlation has...
cape expected total returns stocks image

Stocks vs Bonds: Goodbye TINA – Hello BAAA?

Sheep are timid, nervous, and easily frightened animals. For similar reasons, some fixed-income investors are often described as sheepish. Investing sheep get anxious about...
real 5 year us treasury bond yields chart year 2022 surge higher

Tune Out the Financial Networks and Watch Real Bond Yields

Investors watch CNBC and CNBC’s competitors for guidance on where the markets are going. CNBC may provide insightful commentary from very qualified investors. Still,...
10 year bond yield rally price targets fibonacci october year 2022 image

Did the 10-Year Bond Yield Peak at Key Fibonacci Level?

During the 3rd quarter of this year, we saw the 10-year treasury bond yield reach its highest level in nearly 15 years! This corresponded with...
junk bonds etf jnk decline bear market indicator new lows chart september

Will Junk Bonds Pull Stock Market Lower Yet?

When stocks are showing weakness, we can learn a lot by watching the credit markets. And in today's case, Junk Bonds and the ETF $JNK. Better...
s&p 500 index stock market versus investment grade bonds spread correlation september

Stock Market Decline: Retest or Worse?

Back in August I published an update on the credit markets. Of note, I suggested that “This bear market has been different from any since...
fed funds rate 2 year treasury bond yield comparison analysis chart image

Is Surge In Bond Yields a Case of Too Far, Too Fast?

One major theme of 2022 is the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to squash inflation. Case in point, the Fed raised rates another 75...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading low bottom forecast chart september

5 Market Themes For Traders This Week

The market took another turn for the worse this past week, with four weeks in a row in the red and the DOW futures...

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