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Time To Look For A Reversal In Treasury Yields

In our May 8 post, we suggested that the rise in treasury yields would be short-lived, and that the resumption of a downward trend...
stock market uptrend

The Rotation Report: It’s A Stock Pickers Market

The S&P 500 appears to be confirming a false breakout as it starts to pull back off a major Fibonacci extension level mentioned here before....
treasury bonds risk

Are Treasury Bonds Problems Just Getting Started?

The treasury bonds market has experienced an uptick in volatility as investors try to figure out the dynamic between global interest rates, currencies, and economic growth....
market trends

ETF Trends Review: Markets Balancing Higher Interest Rates [VIDEO]

Another month is upon us so it's a good time to check in on what's been happening in the ETF space of the markets. In...
sector rotation cycle

The Rotation Report: Preparing For The Week Ahead

Well, it's time to hunker down and get ready for another week of market action. I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! The...
treasury bonds

20+ Year Treasury Bond (TLT): Nearing Price Support Target

I'm not going to spend any time on the debt bomb fuse (see this McKinsey study) or QE or Margin Debt or any other...
market up or down

The Rotation Report: Market Breakout Or Fakeout Coming?

It's amazing to watch the stock market maintain a bid off throughout recession-like economic data. No matter how you read the economic data, track it,...
yield curve steepening

Evidence Mounting For A Widening Yield Curve

There has been a lot of debate around interest rates lately. Will they keep rising? Will they turn back lower? But amidst all the...
us treasury bonds yields

US Treasury Yields On A Bumpy Ride To The Bottom

In a post back in February, we suggested that long-term bonds were ready to put in a substantial correction. That move now appears to...
us dollar bull vs bear

Chart Watch: US Dollar, Treasuries, and Stocks Flash Caution

With all the back and forth in the markets, several key assets have struggled of late. Notably, the US Dollar, US treasury bonds, and...

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